Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Season of Giving

    I have been inundated with requests from charities recently and, while writing a couple of cheques this morning, it got me thinking about Christmas being the season of giving. I have long since stopped giving my grandkids a Christmas toy or book as they get so much at this time of year. Instead they choose an item from the PLAN Canada catalogue to be given in their name to a needy child or family. They don't miss another toy and I think it gives them a good feeling to be contributing instead of receiving.

   My other dilemma is this: I have received in the mail this Fall 63 (yes, 63!) Christmas cards, as well as other seasonal items, from a variety of charities that I have never contributed to, in an attempt to solicit a contribution from me. Now, I have a few charities that I contribute to at this time of year (and at other times too) and don't feel obliged to add to that list. But what to do with the Christmas cards? I only send a few cards each year so this supply will last me until I am in my dotage and too doddery to use them! I am planning to take them to the Senior's Centre tomorrow and see if any of my friends can use them, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they also have more cards than they need. How the charities make any money from this type of promotion is beyond me. Your thoughts?

    Colder today, 5C when I got up and has stayed there all day but some glimpses of sun. I had a loaf in the bread machine by 8:00 a.m. this morning and it turned out well. The local bank at the Mall had a fund raiser for United Way this morning, 5 samosas for $5. It seemed like a good deal so that's dinner tonight with the rest of the broccoli casserole.

Donna gave me these beautiful carnations since I missed her party on Sunday. They were the table centrepieces.

The cracked wheat loaf I made today - this should keep (in the freezer) for a couple of weeks.

It rose much better than the last as I adjusted the amount of yeast I used.


  1. That bread turned out beautifully! I do not enjoy the phone solicitation done by charities. I don't even send out Christmas cards anymore because the only people I would send them to, I see over the holidays anyway. -Jenn

  2. Jenn, I only answer the phone if I recognize the number - thank goodness for call display. I figure if it's important they will leave a message and I will get back to them. No more duct cleaning calls!