Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Frustrating Search

   Yesterday, while at tennis, I got Hendrina and Carol to fill in the `references` section of my passport application. It is amazingly easy to get a new passport here - you just fill out the application and mail it in with your old passport (they will return it if you want it, which I do) and the payment of $160 (for the 10 year version). However, the hard part has proven to be getting a passport photo. Not any old photo will do - it has to be from a licensed photo shop. I knew of two places that did this but today I found that both have gone out of business. So tomorrow begins the search for another source. Wish me luck!

   After coming home from my shift in the kitchen at the Senior`s Centre (not much action so I closed up at 2:00p.m.), I set about making a couple of dozen sausage rolls for the party at Petronella tonight. This is my signature dish for pot luck parties and I had already made a batch for the Monday party. However, I didn`t get to try any of them as they went so fast so tonight I have made more. I had enough puff pastry left over to make a jam turnover and some cheese straws, which I ate right out of the oven, they were delicious.

    It was bitterly cold today and, although the thermometer reading was just -7C, the wind was so cold and strong it felt more like -17C. It`s not supposed to warm up until Saturday and (oh, joy) will also produce snow and freezing rain! I may just stay in all day.

These should go over well at the party! I will save the jam turnover as a treat for myself.

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