Thursday 18 April 2024

Lunch and a Fashion Show

    Yes, eating out again! Just a light lunch (salad and a frittata) with the retired teachers but the highlight was the after meal entertainment. 

   Lady Sophisticate brought in the fashions and some of our company were the models. Some beautiful pieces but nothing caught my fancy so I went home with my wallet intact. There were also accessories, jewellery, purses, hats, but, there again, I managed to restrain myself. I can always visit the store if I change my mind!

   Some colourful outfits and plenty of Spring fashions!

Monday 15 April 2024

Tackling Some Garden Chores

   Early appointment at the Dentist - just a cleaning  so I was home by mid-morning in time for my second breakfast of toast and coffee. My first was just a banana and some yoghurt. Then I had a long walk around the neighbourhood.

   Before I had lunch I got a loaf started in the bread machine and did some tidying in the garden. It`s still too early to plant anything but there are lots of daffodils open and the rhubarb has just started to sprout.

   When I was in the Niagara region last week all the Forsythia was like this and now mine has caught up. So a two hour drive south equates into a week earlier!

   After lunch and a nap I got a pot of soup started and then was back into the garden for another couple of hours as it was so sunny and pleasant. I will have to give the lawn its first cut of the year soon but I am still pulling weeds. Today it was early sprouting mint which was already starting to take over the vegetable plot!   

Saturday 13 April 2024

RODEO...and some new library books

 The RODEO ladies (Retired Old Dames Eating Out), part of my Probus club, were out for our monthly meeting this week. We continue to eat around the world and for "F" we naturally tried a French restaurant. It was called "Terre Rouge" and it's in Markham, ON if you want to Google it. I and several others had a Duck Confit salad with beets and fennel and it was excellent. Others (there were nine of us) had Coq au Vin, a pasta dish or a Bistro burger. They all looked yummy.

   I had missed the March outing to the Irish pub (E for Eire) as it was on a Wednesday which is when I volunteer at the Seniors' Centre and I will miss May's for the same reason. It is to be at a Greek place that I haven't visited before so I am sorry to miss it.

   I have finally been getting reserved books from the library so here's what I'm reading at the moment:

   I just finished the Ann Patchett book and have suggested it for next year's book club list. I see someone else has recommended the Lisa Jewell book, too.

   This is next month's book which I have just started and can't wait to see what the discussion questions will be as I have lots of questions of my own about it. Its focus is on genealogy and DNA testing which I am very interested in. I have a genealogy site (Tribal Pages) with over 2000 family connections so this book is right up my alley!

    It has just occurred to me to wonder why so many of my posts are about food!

Thursday 11 April 2024

A Day at Niagara Falls

   The skies were cloudy here during the eclipse on Monday but I did catch a glimpse through the clouds as the moon crept across the sun. It was eerily dark though, for a few minutes.

   I had an early start on Wednesday, joining a group for a day trip to the Niagara region. The bus left at 8:15 and we arrived at our first stop by 10:30. It was the Reif Winery, one of several in the region, where we had a tour of the winery followed by a tasting experience. Their star was an ice wine that we all enjoyed (even managed an extra taste) before hitting the store to pick up some bottles.

The tasting room. We tried a reisling and a red wine, followed by the sweet ice wine. It's made from grapes that are left on the vine through the first frost which concentrates the flavour.

  Our next stop was at the restaurant where we were to eat lunch. It's right by the Falls so we had a few minutes to take in the view with quite a crowd of other tourists still here after arriving on Monday to view the eclipse. We also had front row seats while we ate lunch! The meal was very tasty, a delicious sunchoke soup followed by a fish course and apple crumble and coffee for dessert. The sunchoke soup was a new experience for most of us, seemingly made from Jerusalem artichokes which are an unusual vegetable here. 

 Very impressive, standing right at the lip of the Falls - and very loud!

The interior of the restaurant with windows overlooking the Falls.

There was quite a bit of spray today but these hardy souls were pretty close to the base of the falls and needed slickers to stay dry.

    After lunch, our next stop was a Butterfly Conservatory where I enjoyed not only the exotic butterflies but also the gorgeous tropical plants. The feeding stations were the best place to take photos.


The Lollipop Plant

       Back on the bus and our last stop was another winery where we had 4 tastings and time to shop again.  Then we headed home.

    I have to admit to snoozing most of the way home but, all in all, it was quite the outing. However, it took its toll and I was early to bed and slept like a log!

Friday 5 April 2024

Weather Woes

    The storm has passed although it's still pretty windy. We've had some snow in the last couple of days but nothing compared to Quebec and further west. This is not uncommon here at this time of year but is unwelcome so I'm glad we missed it.

    I had a busy morning - fitness class at 10:30 then a quick trip to the supermarket for their special on compost and top soil. A very kind young man helped me load it all in my car but I still had to unload it when I got home! Lastly, a stop at the Post Office in the drugstore to check the P.O. box for last minute cheques for this month's lunch. We are at over 80 so far but a few more may dribble in next week as this is our most popular lunch as it includes a fashion show. Some of our members are the models which is always fun to see!

   The nets are up at the tennis courts but it's still a bit chilly to be playing. Maybe next week as it is forecast to be much milder. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday 2 April 2024


    Big win at Bridge today! I was the second highest scorer and got the grand sum of $8. This was more than usual as we had two extra tables, which meant 40 people attended. We each pay $1 for the privilege  of being a participant so I came away $7 to the good.  Not too shabby for an afternoon's entertainment! 

   Not a very nice day, weatherwise. Heavy rain is forecast but hasn't arrived yet. It's been very windy but that seems to have died down now. I will hunker down until the storm has passed and gloat over my winnings!

Monday 1 April 2024


    There wasn't much food left over from yesterday's Easter meal, but we barely made a dent in the wine!

   Daughter and SIL came in separate cars so both needed to be fairly abstemious. However, I wasn't driving anywhere so I was able to have a glass (or two) of my favourite Portuguese red, Toro Bravo. Oldest grandson is now old enough to imbibe but hasn't acquired a taste for wine yet, so abstained. Actually, he probably drove one of the cars home. So, for the next few days I will be forced to work my way through these two bottles. What a chore!

    Also on the table, for adding to our coffees, was a bottle of Bailey's Salted Caramel, my favourite liqueur. That will last me several weeks!