Saturday 27 April 2019

So Cold!

   On my way out to the last monthly dance of the season and our AGM. We probably won't get too much dancing, depending on how long the meeting takes. So just a short post today.

   After my morning shopping I went over to the tennis club to help with the Juniors' opening social. It was freezing! Only 2C when I went out and there was a very strong north wind. However, quite a few kids (and their parents) showed up and got pizza and snacks for their efforts. They did a few drills with the coach so I guess that kept them warm. We had some sun this afternoon but it never really warmed up. Still waiting for Spring to put in an appearance!

Friday 26 April 2019

Still Dodgy Weather

    Yesterday was like Spring but today was cold, damp and miserable. Luckily there was nothing I wanted to do that required me to be outside for long.

   This morning my fitness class was cancelled and I also had to miss pickleball as I attended the annual meeting at the Seniors' Centre. It was long and rather tedious (every member of the executive giving an account of their duties and what they had achieved this year) but the actual election of the new executive went smoothly as they all agreed to stand for re-election and no opponents. Those of us in attendance were rewarded with rather a nice lunch so went home satisfied.

   I will only need leftovers tonight and will have a quiet evening watching a couple of my favourite TVO shows. Last night's TV was disturbed by a constantly repeated "Amber Alert" but I eventually figured out how to turn it off. Hope the child was found safely - nothing on the radio or in the newspaper about it today.

Thursday 25 April 2019

Getting things done

  I'm having a stuffed red pepper for dinner tonight - some leftover chicken, a cremini mushroom and some chopped tomatoes. The red pepper was a little past its most firm but still edible, so baking it seemed like a good idea.

   Worked my little butt off at the tennis club today but now the clubhouse (my responsibility) is spic and span and ready for opening day. I have yet to play outdoors this year but today would have been a perfect start if I hadn't been so busy. I did have some help and we were done by noon so not too stressful.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Huge Embarrasment

  I arrived at dance class last night in plenty of time, only to realize I had left my CD player at home! Luckily one of the dancers plays for our monthly dances so he kindly accompanied the first few dances on a rather out-of-tune piano. While the rest had their tea break (rather a lengthy one) I scurried home for my CD player so we had the last few dances with the proper music and Don got to dance as well. Other than that the evening went off quite well and we did manage 7 new (to some) dances.

   Today was cleanup day at the tennis club. Shiyan and I worked from 9:00 to 12:00 with a few other members dropping in for an hour or so. Things are beginning to look better in the lounge and the kitchen (especially the windows) but we will be back on Thursday to do the change rooms. After that I went to play Bridge but had awful cards and didn't play very well.

   We had very heavy rain this afternoon but now the sun is breaking through to dry things off. Tomorrow should be nicer.

Monday 22 April 2019


  Busy morning - had to check what we needed to clean up the tennis clubhouse. We are having a cleaning blitz tomorrow - all hands to the pump and get rid of all the cobwebs, dust bunnies and (probably) ants and mice droppings. So, after hitting Dollarama and Walmart this afternoon,  I will be there bright and early tomorrow with the cleaning supplies and coffee!

   Tonight I have to teach the dances at Scottish Country dance group - not by choice, the teacher is away and I was coerced into taking his place. He left me music and instructions so it can't be that hard, can it?

Sunday 21 April 2019


   Our family lunch went well - James brought some sausage rolls for appetizers (he is getting to be quite the expert), Judy made a lo-cal cheesecake and served it with fruit and cream for dessert (seriously yummy) and the other family came loaded with wine . The leg of lamb was completely demolished - we all got plenty but the three hefty males in the company ate most of it along with a huge amount of roast potatoes. There were plenty of other veg besides. I made green beans, broccoli, asparagus and I threw some parsnips in with the roast to get nicely caramelized. I even made some gravy!

   Now I am completely done in even with a nap after they all left. I will be early to bed tonight, for sure. I had a bit of a scare - after loading the dishwasher to the gunnels, it refused to start. It needed a couple of restarts to get it going but everything came out nice and clean. This is the original machine that came with the house twenty years ago so it owes me nothing, as they say. But I would be very reluctant to replace it as I only use it when there is a big crowd for a meal.

   Now it will be a quiet evening in front of the TV. I will try not to nod off!

Saturday 20 April 2019

Usual Saturday Chores Plus Some

    It has rained off and on all day but the sun has just come out so I will go out and pick some daffodils for tomorrow's Easter lunch table. I had to shop between showers (used some PC points so not too expensive) but have everything I need now and can relax this evening. A few bits and bobs to do tomorrow before the family arrive then, let the festivities begin!

   The garden is very waterlogged but it is lovely to see things starting to grow!

Friday 19 April 2019

A Food Experiment

   I was out again for lunch yesterday after our Probus club meeting. Marilyn, Donna, June and I went to Remizzio's, one of our favourite spots, and I had minestrone soup and crab cakes. Very filling but I was hungry again by dinner time and had the rest of the previous day's fish stew with broccoli. 

   Today, being Good Friday, was a home day for me as all my usual Friday activities were cancelled. I got a start on sprucing up the house for guests (just family) for Easter lunch on Sunday. It wasn't really a spring cleaning but I did get rid of a few cobwebs and gave the carpets a thorough vacuuming. More of the same tomorrow as well as shopping for the meal. I have saved up some PC points so it won't be too much of a drain on my budget.

   I tried out a new recipe today - it was for vegan brownies, no eggs or dairy, and it turned out well. The base of the recipe was a pureed sweet potato which I needed to use up, and peanut butter, I just had to buy chocolate chips which I got yesterday. Nice and easy and good for healthy snacks.

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Trying To Be Careful

   Lunch out today - it was very nice, poached salmon and lots of vegetables. I benefitted by having at my table several people who don't like roasted red peppers. I love them so they were passed over! There were also carrots and green beans so quite healthy. No bread and only a couple of baby potatoes, so I was very good. 

    We had a fashion show after the lunch (outfits from Lady Sophisticate) and I was one of the models. Lots of fun picking out the ensembles last week and lots of compliments on all of mine. However, they were rather expensive so, much as I would have liked to purchase one in particular, I had to settle for a rather fancy T-shirt. I know several people bought outfits so the store owner did quite well.

   I have taken a few shrimp from the freezer for dinner as I won't need a big meal. I will cook then in garlic butter with a spritz of lemon and have them in a salad with avocado. Should be delicious!

Sunday 14 April 2019

Busy in the Kitchen

   It has been miserable and cold all day - what we called a "dreich" day in Scotland. So, except for a quick run up to the grocery store, I stayed in my toasty warm kitchen!

   First a loaf in the bread machine, it turned out well and I will slice it for the freezer, then a batch of sausage rolls, also for the freezer. They are destined for the Probus club lunch next month and I have promised to make 9 dozen - six more to go! I made a batch yesterday too. Lastly, I have a tasty chicken casserole in the oven for dinner tonight - it will do me several days.

   The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the Masters Golf Tournament from Augusta, Georgia. Although they had some rain, it was lovely to see the green vegetation there. Tiger Woods won in an exciting finish and a well deserved comeback from all his health and other troubles. He looked so relieved to win.

Saturday 13 April 2019

Work in the Garden

   I did find some pansies yesterday so they are planted in a pot and at the front door to welcome visitors. I finished raking the grass and will fertilize it when Home Depot opens their garden centre, hopefully next week. No sign of the Bleeding Heart plant which usually is showing signs of life by now. It got badly trampled when the new fence was installed.

   I had a great workout at pickleball yesterday, good partners and opponents and I think I acquitted myself quite well considering I just took it up a few months ago. I will just be playing there until the end of the month as tennis starts on Tuesdays and Fridays in May. However, it was a good way to stay in shape over the winter when the outdoor courts are closed.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

So Lazy!

    I haven't posted in almost a week, mainly because nothing of import has happened. Having said that, yesterday my partner at Bridge got a small slam although we didn't come out on top due to mostly terrible cards.

   The nets are up at the outdoor tennis courts but we are still playing indoors this week - it's just too chilly! Today got up to 10C (indoors 16C) but it was very windy and I have felt cold all day. I still need a blanket over my knees when I am sitting watching TV in the evenings. Right now I am sitting right by the fire and finally feeling a bit warmer. 

   Over the weekend I got some more cleanup done in the garden and today I bought Nasturtium seeds to start indoors. I also wanted some pansies to add a splash of colour by the front door but it is still too early to find them in the garden centre. I will try again next week.

Thursday 4 April 2019

Helping Out

   Busy day today. Tennis this morning - I felt I played much better than recently and won one, lost one. Home just after noon and lunch before heading out again for book club. We had a very lively discussion as the book, "Bellevue Square" by Michael Redhill, was rather confusing and resulted in much controversy. 

   I had a short nap before going out again to help out at a retirement workshop for currently working teachers. There were well over 300 there! I hope some decide to join RTO. Lots of discussion, mostly around the medical coverage they can sign up for and also travel insurance. You can see where their interests lie once they retire. I'm certainly glad I joined RTO.


Wednesday 3 April 2019

A Long Walk

   Almost a disaster today. I decided to join the Nordic Pole Walkers this morning as my Wednesday fitness class doesn't start until next week. They meet at 10:00 a.m. at the ravine system and I set off with them. However, at one point I was on my own and took a wrong turn.

    In actual fact I followed the wrong branch of the river and ended on a dead end trail that led out of the ravine. It took me an additional 40 minutes to find my way back to where I had parked. In all, almost a two hour walk! Needless to say, I am now aching all over. It was a sunny morning but very windy. We had a couple of short rain/hail showers but I was quite overheated by the time I finished the walk. No problem keeping warm!