Wednesday 30 December 2020

A Windfall

    One of my Bridge friends, during our Zoom chat yesterday, offered to lend me a brand new jigsaw puzzle that she got for Christmas. She has decided it is too tricky but I'm eager to give it a shot.

   Off I toddled to her house (the longest trip my car has had in 9 months) to pick it up. She kindly gave me another one as well so I will be kept busy for the next week or two. I will post a pic of the new one if/when I finish it.

   On the way home I stopped at the library for a book I had ordered, "The Prisoner's Wife". We are back to waiting outside the library for our holds but, fortunately, there were only 3 people ahead of me and it wasn't too cold. Now I have lots to keep me entertained.

   I had a walk up to the Mall this morning, combining exercise with a couple of errands. It started to rain on the way home but I was well protected. The rain is on top of a couple of inches of snow that fell overnight so we are likely to have icy conditions if the temperature drops below freezing tonight. Tomorrow I will stay indoors!

Saturday 26 December 2020

White Christmas

    Yes, we had snow yesterday (and lots of it) and more today. Son had to dig us out to go to daughter's house for Christmas dinner, and again today. But at least it wasn't too cold and not a huge amount.

    We had a lovely dinner with the other family in our bubble and were careful not to get too close (no hugs and kisses!). But it was so nice to just hang out with some new faces. That is the first Christmas dinner I have not had to prepare in about 50 years although I did supply the roasties and the plum pudding. Hope daughter will take over soon as I have done my bit, and then some!

Saturday 19 December 2020

Broken Resolution

     Already broke my resolve to stay safe - the library had the latest Louise Penny book for me and two DVDs, so I just had to make that one trip. While in the Mall I dropped by the bulk food store for something I forgot to get last time. I am determined to stay away for the rest of the week but it will depend on what we decide to do for Christmas Day. I may still have to cook a turkey and I still need to pick up a can of Devon custard for the plum pudding!

Friday 18 December 2020

COVID Statistics

    Things are getting pretty bad in T.O. (in fact in the whole of Ontario, over 2,000 new cases each day and many more deaths). So we are just hunkered down hoping things will improve. The weather is quite cold so I have had to do without my walks. At least today was sunny so I managed to the drug store. Only allowed out for essential shopping and not many places open. Needing a haircut - luckily I got one just before lockdown was announced but that isn't going to end any time soon. We have all said "goodbye" to Christmas!

   Would it be better for our mental health to ignore the data with which we are bombarded each day? I think I would rather not know the number of new infections  but at the very least it serves to keep us on our toes and follow the necessary steps to stay safe. This, too, shall pass!

Thursday 10 December 2020

Getting the Christmas Spirit

    Felt a bit of the Christmas spirit to day so brought out my Snowman pitcher and my small, already decorated tree. Also got my first batch of Christmas cards on their way overseas. I have friends or relatives in the U.K., South Africa and Australia. 

Since the grandkids can't come over to help me decorate the big tree, this will have to suffice!

Of course, as soon as it was up, the cats had to come and check it out!

A festive decoration in my front hall. Too bad I won't have any visitors this year.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

A Productive Day

     Another major snowfall overnight and into the morning. Once it stopped we were out shoveling (Steve worked hard, me not so much). The snow had turned to rain so the stuff on the ground quickly got wet and heavy, not fun to shovel. At least it wasn't cold.

   I got going on the Christmas mincemeat tarts this afternoon but had a terrible time with the pastry! It wouldn't come together despite following the directions carefully. Any advice would be gladly received. They are edible but not my best effort, unfortunately. I may try another batch later on. One of the cats almost got into them, knocked the tin to the floor before I got it in the freezer. We can't leave anything out on the counter as he is curious about anything that smells interesting.

   Finished my overseas Christmas cards this afternoon, too, and will get them in the mail tomorrow. One less job to do.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Give Me a Break!

The last few days we have had sunny skies (good for the gloomy blues) but below zero temperatures. Today was also sunny and actually managed to get into positive numbers, 2C! Nothing on the go today but did get started on writing Christmas cards - I received another one in the mail today. I did visit one store (my bread maker has given up) but I had forgotten that only essental services are open at the moment. So, no luck on getting a replacement. We will have to rely on store-bought bread until the lockdown is over. At the moment the numbers are indicating that it will be extended until the New Year.

Saturday 5 December 2020

Mail From Overseas

    First Christmas card arrived yesterday from my Mum's cousin, David. My mum has been gone for 17 years but he is still hale and hearty, living on his own and only recently gave up a daily swim at the local pool. I hope I am still alive and kicking at his age, he has to be in his nineties!

I love this cheery Robin!

Friday 4 December 2020

Already Too Much!

    Snow again! I'm sick of it already and it's only the first week in December. We still have 4 months to look forward to.

    It snowed all morning but is already starting to melt. This is our third go through of this routine. Usually once we get our first heavy snowfall it is here until Spring. I don't mind not having to shovel it but the gray skies are very depressing and already I am longing for sun. My only trip outside today was to the composter and I had to put on my winter coat and boots to do that!

   Steve barbecued a steak tonight (out on the chilly porch), I am really eating well while he is here. None of my usual thrown-together meals! We had it with some roasted vegetables, corn and a salad, followed by the leftover apple crumble. Now to just lie on the couch with my book while I digest everything!

Thursday 3 December 2020

Trying to Keep Busy

 Thought I'd better put something down so you know I'm still alive.

   Today was Senior's discount day at the drug store so I walked there this morning. Didn't save much as several things had been cleaned out by the early bird seniors! But I did get a couple of bargains. One thing I noticed - if an item is on sale you don't get a further discount

   This afternoon I walked up to my local mall for the things I didn't get in the morning. It took me 45 minutes all round so, with my one hour workout this morning, I have done well with exercise today. I should sleep well tonight!

   Butter chicken for dinner tonight, one of Steve's favourites so there probably won't be much leftovers. I am going to make an apple crumble too, to use up some over ripe apples. I will be popular this evening!