Friday 31 May 2024

Last Day of the Month.

    Well, I did get in the pool in May (just!) and had a brief swim. By late afternoon the water temperature had reached 70F which is my base line for being bearable. I had been working in the garden and was quite sweaty so it was very refreshing.

   After tennis this morning i stopped by the local garden centre (a pop-up in the grocery store parking lot). They have really nice stuff and the owner was very helpful, not like the big centres where it's hard to find anything or get anyone to help. I will definitely go back there.

   I got four different tomato plants (hedging my bets!) some kale and zucchini plants, and annuals for the hanging baskets. Everything is now in the ground and well watered, just need to add some vegetable fertilizer in a day or two. I feel like I really accomplished lots today. Yesterday I dotted some nasturtium seeds in empty spots and finally got the lawns fed so now I can relax for the rest of the weekend!

Thursday 30 May 2024

A Bit of This and That

     After a week of summer we are back to more Spring like weather, warm and sunny during the day and cooling off at night. In fact, today we had quite a cold northerly wind, nice for walking but not warm enough to sit outside. I haven't managed a swim yet as the water is still a bit chilly but I am determined to get in the pool tomorrow so I can say I used the pool in May!

   I had postponed my usual Wednesday shop until today and that was a big mistake. Despite being at the store shortly after it opened at 8:00 a.m. it was hoaching with people (lots of specials start on Thursdays) so I will definitely go back to shopping on Wednesdays. I went to get my hair cut this afternoon only to find my usual hairdresser had an emergency and was in hospital. Luckily one of the other ladies fitted me in so my walk up to the mall wasn't wasted. I also went to the bank and picked up a few more groceries which were on special at the other store.

   Enjoying the French Open tennis on TV even though most of the big names in the Men's Draw are absent. A Canadian beat an American today which had us all cheering! Seemingly the French crowds have been very rude which doesn't bode well for the Olympics this summer.


Wednesday 22 May 2024

A Short Spring!

    We have had temperatures in the high 20's this week but today the car registered 31C  in the middle of the afternoon! Already we are into Summer without much of a chance to adjust to the change from winter weather. The pool is open and filling up as we speak but the water is still a bit chilly. I am hoping to get in sometime over the weekend if the pool guys come back to get the pump started. They can't run it until the water level is above the skimmer. Unfortunately there appears to be a leak, hopefully small, as the water level was really low when they took the cover off. 

   It's been too hot to do any gardening until the sun has gone down and even then it is pretty steamy. I am managing to keep up with the new growth but haven't made much progress on the vegetable plots. The Lilac and Lily-of-the-Valley are pouring out gorgeous perfumes which makes it a pleasure to be out there. I'm sure everything will get done in good time.

Monday 20 May 2024

Victoria Day

    How time flies! It seems like Easter just happened and here we are at another long weekend.

  It was gloriously warm today, in fact a bit too hot to be out on the tennis courts or golf course, or, indeed for doing any gardening. I am trying to get the vegetable beds dug up and composted ahead of doing some planting, but I will wait until the sun goes down before attempting any outdoor work.

    Having said that, I did attend the social and round robin at the tennis club - played a bit early while it was still cool, had coffee break, chatted with old and new friends then stayed for a light lunch. There will likely be fireworks tonight but all that fresh air today will mean I won't have any trouble getting off to sleep despite the cacophony!

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Keeping My Chin Up

    Still trying to sort out details relating to the break-in, mostly computer related. Trying to get a police report and contact another credit bureau, but so far my identity seems to be intact. Other than that, I found out yesterday a suspect has been arrested but no chance of me getting any of the stolen stuff back. Heigh ho! 

    I had a bit of luck yesterday at Bridge, I was the fifth highest scorer so got back my entrance fee and a bit more! Since then I have been working in the garden (very therapeutic) preparing beds for planting some vegetables. The rhubarb is doing well and I should be able to pick some soon. 

   Last Sunday was Mother's day here and I received some lovely flowers from my son and had a great meal at my daughter's house so felt very spoiled. No matter the problems we incur, life goes on and we must make the best of it!

Monday 13 May 2024

It Shouldn't Happen to Anyone

    I've been in a bit of a funk for the last few weeks - hence my absence from blog land. I had a break-in overnight and lost several items that made life difficult. I am gradually getting all the important items restored but it has left me feeling vulnerable and shaken. Not a nice feeling!

   The rear walkout was jimmied (I think that's the expression) and my computer, cell phone and camera, along with some important paperwork were taken from my office. Then they had the audacity to sneak into my bedroom while I was sleeping and pinch my wallet and jewelry boxes. Talk about feeling violated! I am still in the process of replacing credit, debit and other cards and, most worryingly, my social insurance card. I just pray my identity isn't compromised as there are so many ways that can happen. So far my credit score has remained intact and I have fraud alerts on all my personal stuff. The local police have been incredibly helpful  as has my bank so I have come out of it relatively unscathed (imagine if I had woken up when they were in my bedroom!) but will be adding extra security all over the place! Hope this never happens to any of you as it is a thoroughly traumatic experience.