Friday 29 April 2022

Things Opening Up

   I haven't been up to much recently, hence no posts, but this week has been a bit busier.

    At the moment I am going out three evenings a week to my dance groups and this week I was also out on Wednesday to see an amateur theatre production. Daughter had a small part in it and #1 grandson was helping with the sound effects. So, a chance to check in with them. The show, "The Ladykillers", was very funny and well performed and I will definitely go to their next production.

   The fitness classes and Yoga are coming to close as I switch over to summer activities. We had a short go on the tennis courts on Sunday and will start our regular schedule of three times a week soon. I was happy my injured finger didn't interfere with my game but I have seen the doctor and had an X-ray (just ligament damage she thinks) and will see a hand specialist sometime in the future - not holding my breath for that!

  The forsythia has bloomed this week and I can see some buds on the clematis - whoop-te-do!

Saturday 23 April 2022

Golden Sunshine (not the heavenly sort)

     I worked through my tax return today and it looks like I may get a small refund. I just have to double check all the figures and make sure I haven't missed any deductions. At least it keeps my brain active!

    This afternoon, in order to take a break, I made some marmalade. It's an unusual recipe I got from a TV show (Nigella Lawson for those foodies out there) and it requires the oranges to be boiled whole for two hours until they are quite soft. I did that part yesterday. Today I just had to slice them thinly and boil with sugar. I did use a packet of pectin as I have had trouble getting marmalade to set in the past. It seems to be quite firm.

    This was from three oranges and a kilo of sugar. Can't wait to try it!

Thursday 21 April 2022

Dashing Around

    Today I had a busy morning but I organized it perfectly so everything fell into place. An early (for me) breakfast before Yoga class at 9:00 a.m followed by a dental appointment, just a cleaning. After that I headed straight to Tim Horton's for coffee and a doughnut as I was missing my caffeine fix, it was yummy! I try not to hit Tim's more than once a week as I know the calories mount up.

   Yesterday the arborist arrived to take down some cedars in my front yard so there was a bit of a clean up to do today. He has left the larger logs for someone (not sure who) to pick up. That hasn't happened yet so this afternoon I tidied the pile and removed some of the smaller logs to use in the fireplace. If the pile is still here tomorrow I will ask him to remove it before I hand over the cash for the work done. No news yet on the permit for the spruce in my back yard but it's still early days.

Lots of good wood here but I'm not about to start chopping it into logs!

   Now I am exhausted and glad of a night at home. Luckily there is still food (and wine) left over from the weekend so no cooking required!

Monday 18 April 2022

What the.....?

 Just stuck my nose out the door and was  greeted with this.....

Yes, it's snowing and quite heavily! I will have to be careful driving to my dancing class tonight!

    This was supposed to be a quiet, restful day after having the family over yesterday for Easter lunch, but it turned out to be quite packed. The morning started with clearing the dishwasher and coping with all the greasy pots left over from the lunch. After a cold, windy walk I got bread started in the bread machine. 

   After lunch and a nap I got out what I needed to complete my tax return. I only got as far as establishing my net income for 2021 before my brain begged for a break so I stopped for a glass of wine and some nibbles. Then it was time to start a batch of yogurt in the InstaPot and it will work its magic overnight. I'll finish my tax return in the next few days. No need to overdo it as it's not due until April30th.

   Jay (the arborist) called to say he will come tomorrow to take down some of the overgrown trees at my front. I think the snow may make him reconsider, though! The permit is in for the Spruce in my back yard but it won't be approved for a few weeks yet. I have postponed my pool opening until June in the hope the tree will be down before then. 

Saturday 16 April 2022

Yoga and Some Shopping

    As luck would have it, I managed to register for the Yoga class at the Seniors' Centre this session. These classes are extremely popular as they are free and the teacher, Jai, is excellent. I have been to two classes so far and although it has stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable of, it has been enjoyable. The balance poses are the hardest but this week I managed to hold them for a few seconds - a definite improvement on last week. I even managed a (somewhat) shoulder stand! I'm sure I will keep improving.

   On Friday, when most places were closed, I went to the Garden Centre and made some good purchases. I really wanted to see if they had any early Kale as I missed it last year, but not yet. However, there were lots of other things.

   Some pansies for the front porch.

A couple of primulas to fill in the front border while I await the arrival of the tulips. They are slow this year, no buds showing yet.

...... and a new Spring wreath for my front door. This was a bit of a splurge but it is to replace the one I have used for many years which has gotten decidedly dowdy. I may even have had it in my previous house and I've been here 24 years!

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Something Finally Blooming!

    Yesterday and today have been gloriously warm and sunny but now we have rain and frost overnight one day later this week. Winter is nor done with us yet but it is definitely on the wane!

   At last something blooming in my garden. I don't know what they are called but they are coming up in several places, even the lawn! I haven't had to cut the grass yet so they can bloom undisturbed.

   I think I mentioned that my garlic has sprouted and is about 3 inches tall. I also saw a tiny red leaf in my rhubarb patch. It will be a while until I can pick any but it is wonderful to see this sign of life. My only worry is my clematis which had to be moved when the fence was repaired last Fall. No sign that it survived being transplanted but I will keep my fingers crossed.

Friday 8 April 2022


     A couple of weeks ago I slipped on the last of the ice and jammed my finger to break my fall. It was swollen for a few days but, when the swelling went down I noticed that the top joint was "wobbly". A friend who is a retired nurse took one look at it and said it needed to be seen by a doctor. Unfortunately my family doctor's office is closed until next week and my local walk-in clinic is no longer "walk-in" and just doing phone consultations!

    My friend suggested a finger splint so I managed to track one down. I have my doubts on its effectivity but will wear it until I can see the doctor. 

   It is making everything very awkward from brushing my teeth, combing my hair etc. to peeling vegetables and washing dishes. I didn't realize important all my fingers are, especially as it is on my dominant hand (my left). Hope it is healed before we start to play tennis!

Monday 4 April 2022

A First and a Last

    The first meeting of the Knitters and Crafters this morning, since March 2020. Not a great turnout, we are all seniors and I think some are still reluctant to meet indoors. I managed to get rid of some of the yarn that has been cluttering my basement storage area, and Pat took some Twiddlemuffs to distribute to LTC homes that she visits.

   The "last" is the last of me wearing winter boots. They have gone into storage until next November and am I glad to see the back of them!

    The tall ones are for when I have to shovel deep snow. The brown ones  on the left are for winter walks as they have a good tread. The black ones on the right are for wading through slush when I'm at the mall. If I need any sturdy, waterproof footwear between now and November it will have to be my old trainers!

Saturday 2 April 2022

Another Good Read

     I have just finished this book and enjoyed it although the subject matter isn't easy to read about. It has flashbacks to the Siege of Leningrad in 1941 when Germany invaded Russia and surrounded the city. It's pretty grim reading, told by a survivor, and deals with how it affected her whole life. It made me wonder about the after effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how the citizens of Mariupol (currently under siege) will deal with the trauma they are enduring.

   Onto something not so gloomy. I made a significant decision the other day to have the giant Spruce tree in my backyard removed. It provides lovely shade on hot summer days but is very messy with needles, pine cones and twigs scattered everywhere, so it has to go. The arborist who is to remove it says it is "in decline" and I am always worried it will come down in a storm. Also it is too close to the pool so I am hoping it can come down before the pool is opened. 

   As it has a diameter of more than 12 inches, a permit is required form the City Planning Department so hope that is granted ASAP. I may be required to replace it with another tree that is more appropriate for the location. Stay tuned!