Friday 28 April 2023

Things Moving Along Smoothly

    The shed is virtually finished, I have paid my taxes and am still solvent! It was touch and go for a bit but my pension arrived just in time!

   I will post photos once the pool equipment is re-installed which will happen next week. Everything is going smoothly towards the pool opening on May 23rd. so the timing couldn't have been better. 

   A busy day, today. Dental checkup, x-rays and cleaning first thing and then straight to the annual meeting at the Seniors' Centre. The new executive was voted in then all attendees were treated to a pizza lunch. I guess that was the reward for attending and also ensuring there was a sufficient number of members to make up a quorum! A couple of positions went unfilled but I sat on my hands and managed to avoid volunteering for anything. Maybe someone else will be persuaded to step up.

   It's been a busy week as I was out at the theatre one night as well as my usual dance group nights, so I am happy to have a night at home. The play I attended, put on by an amateur group that my daughter is involved with, was well acted and quite funny. It's the last of the season for this particular company (Markham Little Theatre) but they have some interesting productions lined up for next season. I will definitely be attending all of them!

Sunday 23 April 2023

Tax Time

     Despite being in the midst of a strike by public service workers, we still have to get our tax returns in by the end of the month. That's just seven days off!

    I am almost done but discovered an error while copying out the good version. so had to redo all my calculations. I owe money this year and the error added another $20 to that bill. So I wasn't a happy camper for a while. Never mind, I feel better after a glass of vodka cooler and some yummy cheese and crackers.

   It has been a rather dismal weekend, cooler and rainy. Normally I would have been out on the tennis courts today but since no one is around yet to play with (one friend in the U.K. at a funeral and another still vacationing in Florida) I didn't feel the need to rush over there this morning. It will keep for another week. The official opening day is next Saturday so let's hope for better weather by then.

Friday 21 April 2023

The Shed

     My latest project has been in the planning stage since last Fall but is finally taking shape. I have wanted a shed to enclose the pool equipment for some time, basically from when the old shed had to be junked to put in a new heater. That was three or four years ago. My son did help me install a temporary shed but it only lasted one winter and proved incompatible with the location and equipment so I had to have it removed. Luckily I found someone to buy it and dismantle it although the price was nominal. It was a good deal for them!

   The new one is being done by a professional which I should have gone with in the first place. We live and learn. Anyway, last week work started and the first stage, constructing a cement pad, was completed yesterday. Construction on the shed will begin soon. The photos loaded from latest to earliest so that's how I will take you through it!


This is the cement pad finished, just needs the wooden forms removed.

Waiting for the cement to be laid.

The site once the pool equipment had been removed.

The pool equipment still "in situ". Ugly, isn't it? That's why I wanted it covered. Also, the electrical outlet was not designed to be exposed to the elements. I am so excited to finally get this done!

Monday 17 April 2023

Back to the Icebox

     From a high of 29C last week we are now at 4C. I just hope it doesn't get below zero!

   I had to dig out my winter coat, gloves and hat today but I refuse to go back to wearing boots! They are in a cupboard in my basement and they are staying there no matter what. No snow for us in the forecast but some areas may get some tonight. Yuk!!

   It's 10:30 p.m. and I am trying to distract myself from nibbling as I have to fast until tomorrow morning (14 hrs.). I was at the doctor this morning to get a prescription renewed and now have to go for blood work tomorrow. This is the time when my resolve and self control are weakest but I am determined to go for the tests on an empty stomach. Wish me luck!

Thursday 13 April 2023

The Heatwave Continues

    Yesterday set a record with the high temperature and today is likely to do the same. If Friday's projected temperature of 29C is achieved, it will break a record set in 1938! 

   I had an unexpected phone call this morning inviting me to a Bridge game in the afternoon. I usually only play Bridge on Tuesdays but this was a pleasant change with a couple of people I don't often meet. It also helped to improve my mood as I had an appointment with a cardiologist earlier who prescribed two new medications for Atrial Fibrillation which I didn't know I had! Fortunately, I can continue with all my usual activities as long as I don't overdo things. Seemingly AF is a danger sign for a stroke which I would rather not experience.

   I managed to capture some Spring flowers and I noticed the Forsythia is about to bloom. However, I'm not about to put away my winter clothes just yet.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Straight to Summer

    We had one Spring-like day on Monday and a few daffodils opened, but it is now full strength summer (high of 27C today) with temperatures in the low to mid 20`s for the rest of the week. I just about expired walking home from my Fitness class today, carrying my jacket and sweater. I really did miscalculate when I left home this morning!

   I really must change my header photo but the few Spring flowers that opened this week are now wilting in the heat, just like me! My body needs more than one day to adjust to the change of seasons. Of course, it will cool off later this month and we may even get some frost overnight and what we really need, rain!

Monday 10 April 2023

Easter Lunch

    I only host two family meals and Easter is the second. There were just the six of us so it wasn't a big deal. After shopping around I found a reasonably priced leg of lamb so that was the main course. The price per lb. varied greatly from store to store, $16 at my usual store, $20 at another and finally $11 at the store I occasionally shop at. The leg cost $23 which I deemed a triumph. Pretty much the whole leg was consumed (my family are big meat eaters, especially the teenagers) but there is enough for a leftovers meal for me today.

   The starter was "al fresco" (sitting around the coffee table in the family room and nibbling cheese, crackers, shrimp and smoked mackerel with a glass of wine for the adults. I served the meat with roast potatoes (my specialty and I must say they were tasty and crisp) and the first asparagus of the season. After a break we had dessert and coffee and then got into the Easter chocolates. I really need to ration myself as chocolate is my weakness!

  I was pretty exhausted by the time they left, and really stuffed so no dinner, just a snack later in the evening. Judy had made a delicious cheesecake (she really is the Quenn of cheesecakes) and there is a slice left for me tonight too!

........... and a nice Portuguese red to go with the lamb. It was a nicely matured 2020.