Friday 22 December 2023

Winter Solstice

    The last of the early dark evenings although I doubt we will notice any difference for a few weeks. Strangely, we are having quite unseasonally warm weather here and will definitely not be having a white Christmas. Freezing rain overnight which will make my early morning shop tomorrow for the last of the Christmas meal essentials tricky.

   We had one last fitness class this morning and Alison had chosen Christmas music for us to work out to. It was way faster than her usual CD so we had a rather brisk workout! Since that will be it until January it was good to get the blood coursing and the muscles active. I will work out at home for the next two weeks but less enthusiastically than with the group. In January I am adding Yoga to my timetable. Can`t wait to get started on that!

   Here`s my favourite Christmas tune from the movie, `Love Actually`.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Finally Getting the Christmas Spirit

    Today was the Probus Christmas party and 40 of us went to a Greek restaurant, `Flogo Estoria`, for a convivial meal. I had Spanakopita and others at my table had Moussaka, Souvlaki and Greek Salad, all delicious! One of the best parts was that my meal wasn`t too filling as I have definitely been overeating this month. Even this week I ate out two other times (both on Tuesday, unfortunately), a pot luck lunch at the Bridge group and Swiss Chalet for the `Festive Special` dinner with the family.

   For the pot luck lunch I made sausage rolls but as Covid has hit that group recently, the turnout was a bit reduced and I actually brought some rolls home. I'll have them over the next few days with salads. I`m ever mindful that there`s a big meal coming up soon!

   Earlier this evening I started to dress the Christmas tree and the fireplace mantel. I had to steal some greenery from my neighbour since my Blue Spruce which I normally use has long since died and been removed. The branches were slightly overhanging the fence so, technically, on my property! I don`t think she`ll notice.


Wednesday 13 December 2023

No Heat!

   I woke up this morning to a rather chilly house - just 13C and outside is hovering on zero so it's likely to get even colder. It is rather uncomfortable "chez moi" at the moment.

   The technician is here tinkering with the furnace but doesn't seem to be having much success although I did hear it run for a few moments. So she (yes it's a young woman!) must be making some progress. The furnace is in the basement right under my office and I can hear her on her phone, probably asking for advice from her supervisor.  I don't relish another cold night!

    I have the gas fire on in the family room so at least I have a little heat. And I have an electric blanket which will keep me comfortable in bed. However, I would much rather just be able to have the furnace keeping me cozy in any room in the house!

Saturday 9 December 2023

Another Outing

    I don't usually eat out a lot, maybe once a month if that, but it seems to be never ending at this time of year.

   Friday was the Seniors Christmas Party at the Mandarin Buffet restaurant for which I had been able to snag a ticket last week.  I don't know how many people belong to the seniors centre but they sold 120 tickets in a matter of hours and many people were left out, unfortunately.

   The Mandarin is not a cheap place to eat giving that it is unlimited food but the cost was quite heavily subsidized by the Executive at the Centre, so we only paid $15. I have to be very careful not to overindulge at this type of eatery as my eyes are always bigger than my stomach (as my mother used to tell me). After the meal there were lucky prizes (I didn't win anything) and a sing-a-long of Christmas carols. All very jolly but by then I was so full all I wanted was to go home for a nap. 

    For some reason Blogger loaded my photos from back to front, but you get the idea - four trips the food counters. Does that count as exercise?


My friend Carol was the only one at our table who won a prize.

This was the judging for the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" competition which was the theme of the party.

Delicious desserts but by that time I was too stuffed. I just had a creme caramel and chocolate ice cream cake.

The salad bar - I just went for the seafood and a Caesar salad.

The hot tables - so many choices. My favourite was sweet and sour battered fish. I'm afraid I chose too many non-healthy items!

The sushi bar - I went there first and tried one of each type but forgot to get any of the hot wasabi mustard. Next time!

   Needless to say I didn't eat again until very late in the evening and only to prevent waking up hungry in the middle of the night. It was just a bowl of soup and a small sandwich. Today I feel able to eat normally again.

Thursday 7 December 2023

'Tis the Season..... for over-eating!

    A couple of busy days this week. On Tuesday the ladies who lunch (AKA RODEO - Retired Old Dames Eating Out ) had their pre-Christmas outing to Gerhard's Cafe for afternoon tea. Except for having to wait until 2:00 p.m. (I skipped lunch) which is seemingly the appropriate time for afternoon tea, it was a lovely treat, served in a very decadent fashion with all the trimmings. Some of the group even went home with additional purchases of Christmas stollen and gingerbread cookies. The cafe is truly a haven of delicious treats!

Christmas crackers and paper hats as we are into December.

I chose Earl Grey tea and drank a gallon of it as the pot was frequently replenished.

We each got a mammoth slice of this chocolate cake which was truly decadent!

   I managed to refrain from buying anything else but was truly tempted. However, I have all my Christmas baking in the freezer to nibble on for the rest of the month.

    Today was Book Club and Clara and I were presenting the book and supplying the refreshments. We did go a bit overboard on the food but, what the hey! It's almost Christmas. The book, "The Hidden Child" by Louise Fein, was well received and proved very popular - lots of meaningful discussion. Tomorrow brings another special event but more on that later. I will need the weekend to recover from all the excessive eating!