Monday 28 November 2022

More Christmas Baking

     I am really ahead of the game this year as I made some Mincemeat tarts to have at the Christmas dinner today. Just a quick batch of pastry and leftover mincemeat from last year. It looked a bit dehydrated so I added the last of the molasses from the plum pudding. They turned out well, just one for each of us. That will be enough as we will have plum pudding first!

   They will go in the freezer until the big day.

Thursday 24 November 2022

Keeping Busy in the Kitchen

    Used up the last of a big carton of milk, just before its expiry date, by starting a batch of yogurt in my Instapot. It will work its magic overnight and will be ready in the morning to go in the fridge to drain for a few hours. Decanting it into a container is the only tricky part of the whole procedure but I am getting better at it!

     I also made a Holiday Fruit Bread to use up the leftover candied peel and glace cherries from the plum pudding. It sank a bit in the middle even though I gave it an extra ten minutes but it tastes fine.

   I like it for breakfast with my morning coffee, slathered with butter. It doesn't have much butter in the recipe and just one egg, so fairly healthy.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

A Short Update

 I had a busy weekend, supervising the grandkids while their parents were away for a quick jaunt down to the Bahamas. I arrived on Friday afternoon and went back home on Monday morning once they had all left for school. The kids were quite able to entertain themselves and my biggest chore was driving James to hockey practices. All the meals were laid on so I didn't even need to do any cooking!

   However, I seem to have picked up a bug (headache and nausea) and have spent today taking it easy. I usually go out on Tuesday evenings but will spend tonight in front of the fire with the TV on.

Thursday 17 November 2022


    Haven't shared photos - too depressing! Just an inch or so but enough that I had to shovel the sidewalk and path to my front door.

  We often go well into December before we get the first snow - not this year! The wind is bitterly cold so I just had a short walk (well bundled up) today. It will stay cold right through the weekend so no chance of it melting any time soon!

Sunday 13 November 2022


 I have lost my cell phone. Arghhh! I know it's in the house somewhere and I have tried calling it from my land line with no success. It must be turned to silent.

   I used it this morning to check the weather which is set to be dismal for the whole week. I saw some snowflakes this afternoon and it is very chilly. I did manage a short walk but was well wrapped up in my full winter outfit, except for the boots. Hope I don't need them any time soon. It's too early to be trudging through snow and slush! 

Thursday 10 November 2022

Keeping Up With Everyone

    Computer problems today so I am late getting on and caught up with all the news, games and favourite sites. I had to restart three times! But it seems to be working now.

    I do two Wordles (managed both today) and after I have checked my mail and some other games I settle into the world of Blogging. I try not to fall behind with what everyone is up to. I have been having a problem commenting for some time now but I am still reading all my favourites. Now to see what the rest of you are doing in your corner of the world!

Sunday 6 November 2022

Stir-it-up Sunday

    We have had some lovely days since the beginning of November and the nets are still up at the tennis courts. Bonus!!

   Today was the day to make the Christmas Plum Pudding so the grandkids came over to make not one but two puddings, one to leave here to mature for the Christmas lunch and the other to take home for their pre-Christmas dinner.

   Four people in the kitchen was three too many so I stepped back and let them get on with it, merely supplying the odd tip or suggestion. It certainly looked good when it went into the mold to be steamed so I am sure it will turn out perfectly. 

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

    The garden is bare but there are still some flowers (now indoors) to brighten up a frosty Fall morning.