Thursday, 24 November 2022

Keeping Busy in the Kitchen

    Used up the last of a big carton of milk, just before its expiry date, by starting a batch of yogurt in my Instapot. It will work its magic overnight and will be ready in the morning to go in the fridge to drain for a few hours. Decanting it into a container is the only tricky part of the whole procedure but I am getting better at it!

     I also made a Holiday Fruit Bread to use up the leftover candied peel and glace cherries from the plum pudding. It sank a bit in the middle even though I gave it an extra ten minutes but it tastes fine.

   I like it for breakfast with my morning coffee, slathered with butter. It doesn't have much butter in the recipe and just one egg, so fairly healthy.


  1. That bread looks delicious. Everything tastes better with butter! I cannot abide margarine. Is an instapot just for yoghurt or does it do other magical things?

    1. It's great for cooking anything in a hurry (like a pressure cooker which it essentially is) but since I have plenty of time I haven't used it for anything else!

  2. Your breakfast loaf looks yummy. Making your own yoghurt sounds an undertaking, but I am sure worth the work.

  3. The yogurt comes out quite thick like Greek yogurt.

  4. Now I am interested in trying my instant pot making yogurt. I eat that for breakfast every second or third day.

    God bless.

  5. If it has a yogurt function, you should definitely try it. It's very easy.