Friday 27 April 2018

Too Busy!

   Sunny but still cool today. The tennis club opener is tomorrow and we have been working hell-for-leather to get the clubhouse and grounds spruced up. The clubhouse is now officially cleaner than my house!

   The big job for me this year has been interviewing and hiring the supervisors. They are mostly high school or college students as they only get minimum wage ($14/hr.) and they are notoriously fickle. One has already quite as he has found a better job, and another didn't even get back to me after the initial interview. Very frustrating.

   My bank balance is at an all-time low as I have just paid my last (huge) credit card bill and what I owed in income tax. Too bad they both came due at the same time. I will now have to try to build up funds before it is time to pay for my next trip, due in July. The trip isn't until October.

   Quite exhausted with all the cleaning so will have an early night tonight.

Sunday 22 April 2018

A Bit of Gardening

   17C today, sunny, and the windows were open. The temperature in the house went up a couple of degrees but I will still need the heat on tonight. Still too early to put the plants outside. 

My nasturtium seedlings are coming on well.
  After potting up the seedlings I patched a spot in the lawn and did some garden tidy up. Nothing much growing yet but, stay tuned! it won't be long now.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Soon, very soon!

   Surely the last of the snow for this season!

Everything gradually melting. I can now drive up my driveway without the wheels spinning!

More optimistic temperatures! Should be nice by the weekend.

Homemade hummus with lots of garlic and lemon. The bread was home made too - sun dried tomatoes and parmesan. Very tasty and good for dipping!

Sunday 15 April 2018

Braving the Elements

   Everything still on hold due to the weather. Roads tricky so my demo group practice was cancelled. We needed one more rehearsal before Gala Day next Saturday but it was not to be.

   Marie phoned this morning to cancel tomorrow's Bridge game. I was very disappointed but didn't argue as she is the only one who has to walk to the Senior's Centre and I could see her point. We agreed to play on Thursday instead.

   I did go out this afternoon to pick up some topsoil which was on special at the garden centre. It tends to go very quickly and I really need it to build up the borders by my new raised front path. I bought 10 bags but will probably need more - I'll see how it goes.

   Coming home the driving was less than perfect  (only the main roads plowed)but I made it back successfully until I reached my driveway. The car only made it half way up before the wheels started spinning! At least it is off the road and it will just have to stay there until the temperature rises and the snow/ice melts!

Saturday 14 April 2018

Not My Idea of Spring

Really and truly, this is too much!! The monthly dance tonight has been cancelled - treacherous driving conditions - and the tennis courts are due to open next week!

    I went out this afternoon and although walking was just plain messy, the roads were pretty slippery especially as you approached a STOP sign. I am actually quite glad to spend the evening cosy by the fire. I have a new season of "Broadchurch" to watch!

Thursday 12 April 2018

A Busy Day

   Stove is finally fixed! I spent the day waiting for the repair man and working on my tax return. I owe the government big time! That's what comes of not paying by installment but rather I have the money than the government.

   Things are coming together for the opening of the tennis courts next week although the bubble is still up and rain is forecast - they have to wait for a dry day. I have supervisors lined up for the evenings until the end of June but will have to scramble to find people for the rest of the summer. I may end up doing some evenings myself.

   Doors and windows open today as the temperature has risen considerably - but we are back to the deep freeze over the weekend. Boo Hoo!

Monday 9 April 2018

Spring Flowers

At last some life in the garden - a small showing but very welcome!
I don't know what they're called but would appreciate any suggestions.

Saturday 7 April 2018


   I've been binging on "Broadchurch" this weekend - Jenn from "Coffee on the Porch with Me" put me onto it. It's a UK series and I got the first season from the library. It's excellent. The second series is on its way to my local library branch so I will be able to continue with the series in a day or two.

    It was a good day to spend in front of the TV, still cold with a few flurries. Roll on, Spring!

Friday 6 April 2018

Is it Really April?

   This was the view from my front window this afternoon.

   It snowed most of the afternoon, then we had some sun and it has mostly melted. Can't wait for some warmer weather!

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Chilled to the Bone

   Although the outdoor thermometer read 4C, it didn't feel like that today. A drab, dreich day with rain and the threat of snow overnight led to me coming home from my Bridge game this afternoon feeling the need for an evening by the fire.

   So the fire is burning away brightly and I have my toes close to the flames. On the table is a pre-prandial snack of blue cheese and smoked salmon on crackers with a glass of wine. That should hold me until dinner is ready!


Sunday 1 April 2018

April's Here!

   A long walk this morning - it was sunny but still cold so I walked briskly for 45 minutes. Hope I burned off some calories! 

   Easter Sunday lunch with the family. We were nine around the table as Judy and Steve's Aunt Lena was visiting from Scotland, a very pleasant addition to our little group.

    Luckily Judy hosted it at her house as my stove is still not working. We had a delicious meal of cauliflower soup, ham, peas, roasted potatoes and Greek salad (Steve's contribution), followed by key lime pie (made by Elliot, it was yummy) with whipped cream and coffee. James made little buns, courtesy of the Pillsbury doughboy, and individual Keurig coffees. So it was a combined effort. Dave, as usual, did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. 

   No dinner tonight but a snack later. Judy had made some Easter Braid bread and I came home with a chunk of that to snack on.