Sunday 28 February 2021

Missing the Sun

    Dull and dreary here but the snow is gradually receding and some rather dead grass appearing along the edges of the lawn. I was quite chilled when I got home from my walk and spent the afternoon snoozing in bed. Hope I'm not coming down with something!

   It has been rather amazing not to have had a cough or cold all winter - probably due to wearing a mask on all outings. I guess we don't realize just how much infection we pick up from other people! Also washing hands well is a very good habit to continue once the pandemic is over.

   I got an interesting DVD from the library yesterday, "Detective Montalbano", and watched an episode last night. It is a mixture of drama, humour and relationships but, as it is subtitled, requires more concentration on the viewer's part. I will watch another episode tonight, I highly recommend it, but one is enough at a time. 

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Winter Not Gone Yet

   Although we have had a couple of days with sun and above freezing temperatures, the snowbanks are so high I can barely heft a shovelful of snow over the top! Just praying we don't get another snowfall any time soon.

    However, the icy patches have more or less melted so taking a walk is not quite as hazardous as it was a few days ago.

   I kept busy today by making a batch of shortbread cookies which, unfortunately, I will now have to eat. Boredom leads to naughty things! I will keep them in the freezer which will make them slightly less tempting and easy to pop in my mouth. 

     I heard today that my age cohort will be allowed to book a vaccine in the last week of April but sounds as if the booking system has yet to be created so, once again, not holding my breath!

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Chocolate Overload

    Out early for a slippery drive to the grocery store. We had several inches of snow overnight and I really should have stayed home until it had been cleared. However, a chocolate bar given out by the cashier at the store made it worth the effort - a customer appreciation gift. The store was surprisingly busy considering the driving conditions but I guess, like me, people were out of essentials after the long weekend. Trying valiantly to work through all the chocolate I have received this week.

   On returning home I got stuck on the slight slope of my driveway but dug my way out eventually. My neighbour's son came over to help and we got the driveway cleared by lunch time. Just as we finished the plough came by and left a considerable windrow across the end of my driveway, so more digging! I sincerely hope that is the last dig-out I have to do this year. We have got off pretty easily this winter, all told.

Monday 15 February 2021

Family Day

    This is a Provincial (as opposed to Federal) holiday so the mail came today but I haven't ventured out to see what else is open. I had a walk this morning while the sun shone but now it has clouded over and snow is forecast overnight.

   Since I was staying home (and reluctant to do any housework) I decided to make marmalade today. I go through a lot of marmalade on my morning toast and it isn't expensive but home made is so much nicer. 

   A lemon, a tangerine and two cups of sugar gave me two small jars and it seems to have set well. Removing the pith from the rind and slicing it finely was time consuming but the end result was well worth the effort. I have to say I couldn't be bothered making a big batch - too much preparation required!

Now I just have a messy kitchen to clean up.

Sunday 14 February 2021

St. Valentine's Day

     Had a (socially distanced) visit from D and GD today, bearing gifts for St. Valentine's Day. We sat on the back patio in the sun for half an hour and chatted until we got a bit chilled.  Have already got into the Truffles, the wine will be next and the foil container holds a chocolate brownie which will be my dessert tonight. All good stuff - they really know my faves!

   I just realized that Lent is coming up and I will have to finish the wine (and all the other liquor in the house) as well as the chocolate before then as I usually give up both booze and chocolate for Lent. I may be a bit late in starting this year! I do this just to make sure I am not becoming addicted to either of them so no point in keeping temptation around. Wish me luck!

Friday 12 February 2021

This And That

    Not much to write about but thought I had better get a new post done before everyone thinks I have died!

   Still not much progress on the vaccinations here - less than 1% of the provincial population with their two doses. The weather has been sunny but cold but I have managed a walk most days. Yesterday I made a loaf in the bread machine and today some raspberry oatmeal bars. Reading lots and working on jigsaw puzzles fills my days.

   Something trying to get into my attic woke me last night and led to a disturbed night, just hope it hasn't set up home there and I get a proper night's sleep tonight. Stay tuned for a further update!

Sunday 7 February 2021

Ticking Along and Staying Safe

    A cold few days and I have hardly been outdoors. I shoveled the driveway today and the sun helped dry it and melt the icy patches. There were only a couple of inches of snow so it wasn't much work but my fingers were frozen by the time I was finished.

   I made a big pot of stew today which should last me a while. As it is Sunday and "cleanliness is next to Godliness", as my mother would say, my one chore today was to clean the toilets! Lots of time for reading and I am well into my newest library book. Currently we have to pick up our requested books outside the library and, with yesterday's strong wind, waiting to have them checked out was a bit of an ordeal. However, I survived!

I am almost finished the Joanna Trollope book, not sure about the other but will give it a go. It's about Jesus' wife!

Thursday 4 February 2021

So Much Better When the Sun Shines

   Felt like Spring today as the temperature was above zero and the sun shone in a brilliantly blue sky. There was definitely some warmth to it and I had a long walk and a sit on the back patio just before lunch. It should be nice again tomorrow but we will be back in the deep freeze again on the weekend with minus numbers.

    Home made lasagna for dinner tonight and I got 6 very large portions out of it  -two to eat today and tomorrow and four for the freezer. I really must do more batch cooking as my freezer is pretty empty at the moment. The spur for making the lasagna was some frozen spinach approaching its "best before" date. It looks and smells delicious!

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Groundhog Day

     A very weak sun today so I don't know if the groundhog will see its shadow. I hope not as that will mean an early Spring, something we really need this year.

   I got in a walk this morning although it was very chilly. I didn't go far, just around the block, and was very happy to get home. This was also my once-a-week shopping day and I decided to use a double mask as that is being advised. It was quite comfortable so I will continue with this regimen until I get a shot.

Monday 1 February 2021

"Don't Eat the Yellow Snow!"

     I was reminded of this admonishment while out on my pre-lunch stroll today - every pile of (by now) grubby snow seemed to have been decorated by the local canine tribe. Of course, in days of yore, it was quite acceptable to grab a handful of fresh snow to slake your thirst; nowadays, not so much!

   The fire is lit and I am snuggled under a blanket to watch tennis from sunny and warm Australia. Talk about living vicariously through others antics!