Saturday 31 October 2020

'Flu Shot

    Up and out early to get my 'flu shot this morning. I usually go to the drug store but they ran out very quickly so it was off to my family doctor for the seniors' dose. No lineup and no paperwork to complete so it was a quick and simple procedure. It will be two weeks before it is effective so I will try to stay clear of infection.

   Still no car and, unfortunately, it may be some time until I have wheels again. Luckily I have nowhere that I need to go! Seemingly the car needs a new battery and they are out of stock with no idea when they will be available. All told, with the other repairs the cost was going to be ridiculous so now I am considering whether to have it fixed or to trade it in for a newer model. I have had it 12 years but very low mileage. I will spend the rest of the weekend considering my options. Stay tuned, a decision will have to be made by Monday!

Friday 30 October 2020

Mission Accomplished!

   The shed was completed just before the weather turned for the worse. Today has been bitterly cold so we were into winter jackets, hats and gloves.

   I had a rude awakening this morning, going out to take off for my once-weekly jaunt to the grocery store - the car was dead! I called CAA for a battery boost but there was another shock - the catch for the front hood was broken so it was impossible to boost the battery. Long story short the car had to be towed to the dealer and they will have to fix the hood, boost the battery and repair the faulty catch on the rear hatch which was the cause of the power failure. The car is still there but fortunately son will be able tor drive me on any errands that can't wait.

Taken through my picture window - it was too cold to go out!

Thursday 29 October 2020

Under Construction

 Back in the Spring I think I posted photos of my old garden shed being demolished. It is where my pool equipment stays. I finally got the wherewithall to purchase a replacement and it was delivered last week. 

   Yesterday was reasonably pleasant, albeit quite windy, so son got started on constructing it. It was supposed to be a one day project!

   So far so good although the wind was causing it to sway until the stabilizing bar was in place. The hardest part was getting it behind the pool equipment. This was yesterday. Today he got the roof on but rain stopped play. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow.

   We managed one more day of tennis and it was really quite pleasant as the wind had gone. No frozen fingers but no layers removed either. We were well wrapped up. Hoping for a nice day on Sunday!

Sunday 25 October 2020

A Chilly Start

   Freezing on the tennis courts  this morning - I didn't really get warmed up until we were almost done. The nets and wind screens will probably come down this week. Time to call it a year!

    I think it was 2C when we started (all bundled up) and only made it up to 6C this afternoon. The worst part was our hands - it was hard to grip the tennis racquet with numb fingers! 

   Needless to say I haven't been out since except for a quick run up to the grocery store for a few items for dinner. I found a piece of flank steak in the freezer (never cooked it before) but searched a good crock pot recipe on the internet so that's what we will have tonight. I have been trying out some new recipes since I am cooking for two (son is still here) instead of one. Hope it gets good and fender!

Friday 23 October 2020

A Better Alternative

    An Air Canada approved crate has been purchased (from Kijiji, so used) and Lucy has given it the seal of approval. I couldn't catch her in it but Blaze checked it out too. It has its own food and water dispensers so she will be more than happy in it (I hope!).

It is quite massive but very secure. No flight plan has been established yet so it may be some time until she leaves. Meanwhile it is sitting in my living room for her to get accustomed to it.

   Amazing day today, high of 22C and sunny, so we had a full morning on the tennis courts. But it is to be shortlived as storms and possible tornados are forecast for this evening as a cold front comes through and drops the temperature dramatically. I sat outside in the sun for probably the last time this year and reveled in the warmth!

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Travel Disruptions

    Well, unfortunately, Lucy the dog did not go to Victoria this week. The airline rejected her crate as she is what they term a "strong" breed. Next step is still up in the air as DIL did go but all three animals are still here. Several options are being investigated. Stay tuned!

   The last two days have stayed mild and I have been playing tennis, gardening, taking Lucy for walks and, today, just sitting out enjoying the sun. Long may it continue. We have had quite a lot of rain but mostly and conveniently, overnight.

   Hallowe'en has been cancelled here for which I am not entirely sorry but it will be a big disappointment for the kids. However, who in their right mind would send their child door to door in this pandemic is a mystery anyway. I am sure they will get their share of candies in other ways!

Monday 19 October 2020

A Way With Words

  Saw this on Facebook today and intend to use it frequently. Saying "I can't go out because of the virus" sounds so whiny and boring! 

"I've sworn an oath of solitude until the pestilence is purged from the land."

Here's another one:

I just told my suitcases we're not going on vacation this year. 

Now I'm dealing with emotional baggage

Saturday 17 October 2020

Return to Normal

    Well, we certainly have seen the end of our pleasant temperatures. Thursday was rainy but not too cool. Yesterday got up into the low double digits but today there was an icy wind and, although sunny, decidedly frosty. 

   I got my new garden shed ordered the other day, not online, which I would have preferred but I had to go to the store as the website wasn't cooperating. But now it is done and will come in a few days, delivered to the curb. Hopefully Steve will be able to put it together but he may have to call on help from my SIL.

   A day in the kitchen today - my only break a walk with the dog. I made turkey soup with the carcass that I had stowed in the freezer last weekend, lemon cheesecake bars to share with my tennis buddies tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) and now I am off to make a cauliflower casserole to have with the second turkey breast, also stored in the freezer since Thanksgiving dinner. A relatively easy meal all told!

Lucy practicing for her trip to Victoria next week. She has been in and out of the cage all evening.

Thursday 15 October 2020

A New Toy

    For the first time in ages we have had continuous rain all day today. After a very dry summer the lawn has been abysmal with lots of dead patches so this good soaking should help it recover before it goes into hibernation for the winter. 

    DIL and I had a stay-at-home day and only ventured out when the dog needed to relieve herself. In fact, at one point I put her on her leash (the dog, not DIL!) and stood on the front porch while she wandered around and found a good spot to "do her business". She didn't want to stay out long anyway. 

   I am now the proud owner of a rowing machine! Son and DIL didn't want to take it to Victoria when they go later this month, and they couldn't find a friend to take it, so it will stay here. I tried it out this morning for 10 minutes and managed to work up a sweat so it might become a part of my fitness regime. I have it set on the lowest tension and that was plenty for me!

Luckily I have plenty of room for it in my basement.

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Too Hot!

    It started off cool and sunny but we were soon peeling off layers on the tennis courts. The courts were wet to begin with (overnight rain) so we had to be careful for the first half hour. We played until after 11:00 a.m. I was the big loser today but it was wonderful to be out in the fresh air and sunshine!

   I did a bit of gardening this afternoon (mulching and removing some annuals) then sat in the sun for half an hour. I was definitely over dressed as it felt as hot as an early summer day. The temperature was to go to 18C but I'm sure it was more than that!

   Last of the turkey leftovers tonight. I am making a frittata with the last slice of turkey breast and bacon, cheese and grated potato. This will be served with a salad and leftover stuffing (if anyone can face it another day). 

Sunday 11 October 2020

Things to be Thankful For

    Thankful for family and friends to celebrate with, a wonderful feast and our continued good health. The day started with a lively couple of sets of tennis even though the temperature barely made it into double digits! We will continue until the snow flies - or the nets come down, whichever happens first!

   We were just a small group of three for the Thanksgiving meal today (obeying the new regulations) but were able to connect with the others on Skype.

Turkey and all the trimmings despite our small group.

 This was followed by apple pie and ice cream. Talk about being well fed!

Thursday 8 October 2020

Getting Ready for the Long Weekend

    We four friends had great fun on the tennis courts today! No wind, sunny breaks and some great rallies. We were very pleased with ourselves and played for nearly two hours. I had prepared for a chilly start but was soon peeling off layers. There won't be many more days like that this year so we are making the most of it while the good weather lasts!

   It clouded over later in the day and a little rain fell, so we definitely had the best of the day this morning. I had a few clerical chores to take care of and a run to the store to pick up a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, so that took care of the rest of the day. The turkey will take another day to defrost and I plan to cook it on Saturday. We will probably have it on Sunday and then have Monday to rest and recuperate.

    It has been recommended that people only celebrate Thanksgiving with whoever lives with them so it is lucky I have son and DIL here or I would be celebrating on my own. Not looking forward to a lonesome Christmas but perhaps the virus will have abated a bit by then and I can have family over. The number of cases in Ontario is rising alarmingly but I will continue to stay at home as much as possible. 

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Another Quiet Day

    It was a struggle on the tennis courts this morning - very windy and cool - but we played for almost an hour and a half and had one very long set that went to a tie-break. Then home to watch tennis from Paris, the quarter-finals. I saw one very long, tense match and another that was rather one-sided. But very entertaining nevertheless.

   Since then it has been quite a quiet day. I made sausage rolls for dinner (I'm trying to clear out the freezer) and we had them with baked beans. Enough left over for snacks or lunch tomorrow.

Monday 5 October 2020

An Ordinary Day

    Not much to report today but it was a very pleasant day and I did a fair bit of gardening, went for a walk and generally enjoyed the outdoors. This morning I made a batch of cauliflower soup which we had for lunch, then put a loaf on to bake in the bread machine. It turned out really well for once. I used less yeast as my last few attempts have been hitting the lid of the machine and collapsing!

   I had a trip to Value Village this afternoon with a bag full of clothes I never wear. For that I got a 20% off coupon so scouted around and found new (to me) boots, two pairs of leggings and a very practical sweater for just wearing around the house. It has three quarter sleeves so I can put away all my T-shirts that are now a bit chilly. Value Village no longer has facilities to try on clothes so it was rather a hit-and-miss process. Their sizing is not always very accurate.

   Dinner tonight was salmon, French fries and brussell sprouts - no dessert but I may have a homemade oatmeal bar later. They are chewy but very good!

Thursday 1 October 2020

A Special Day

    Just 16C for the high today and a rather chilly start for our tennis game. I was the big loser today - quite the opposite of Tuesday - but blame it on the sun being directly in my eyes, being left-handed. The courts run north-south and the sun is much lower in the sky at 9:00 a.m. now that the days are getting shorter.

   Yesterday was my birthday - I am now a year closer to 80, horrible thought! Judy came over with a tasty lunch and some treats just before noon, then Steve and Alison took me out for dinner to a local restaurant. It was a treat to eat out after 6 months of home cooked meals! I had their signature minestrone soup (it is our local Italian trattoria) and eggplant parmigiana. Steve had veal parmigiana and Alison had chicken and pasta. All were very good.

   I brought in the remaining tomatoes and dug up the last potato plant this afternoon as we are due for some frost soon. It has been a good harvest this year. 

They should continue to ripen over the next week or two.

The last of the Swiss Chard will go in tonight's supper dish.