Friday 30 April 2021

Nothing to Write About

    I have been absent for some time just because nothing interesting has been happening in my life. 

   Today is cold and very windy (snow forecast for overnight) so I haven't been able to even work in the garden although the grass badly needs cutting. We had a great deal of rain over the last two days (the last of the April showers) and the garden is still very soggy. I have just noticed some sheets of roofing are scattered around my yard. Another job for my handyman!

   I had a couple of errands to run this morning (by car) and didn't have my daily walk. Luckily I have a good book on the go and a DVD to watch tonight. Tomorrow is another day!

Friday 23 April 2021

New Purchases

    I had to drop off some paperwork at a friend's house this morning and, since I was near the Garden Centre, I decided to pick up some supplies. I managed to get the last rhubarb plant - last year I missed out and they were all gone by the time I went looking. I also bought some pansies for a display at the front door. They should be OK if we have a slight frost. Otherwise I will bring them inside overnight. I still need to get some manure for the vegetable plot and fertilizer for the lawn but the garden centre is not the cheapest place for that, so it will have to happen on another day!

Thursday 22 April 2021

Looking Ahead with Fingers Crossed

 There was hail this morning and a few snow showers today (high of 4C) so I have stayed indoors and started to work on my tax return. I seem to be getting a bit of a refund but will double check all my numbers before I send it off. Always good news if my calculations are correct.

  The next day or two will be busy with prepping the house for company on Sunday - our delayed Easter meal! The family have been pretty much isolated for the last two weeks as schools are closed so we should all be safe. I can't wait to have some company even if it means doing some housework. No hugs, though!

Wednesday 21 April 2021

A Nasty Surprise

    This is what greeted me this morning!

    It kept snowing until late into the morning but has pretty much all disappeared by now. The early Spring bulbs seem to have survived but it was a bit of a shock to both them and me!

Wednesday 14 April 2021

My New Haul From the Library

    It has been some time since my last trip to the library so there were several items waiting for me when I walked up there yesterday. 

   Four DVD's - another two episodes of "Detective Montalbano" which I am really enjoying despite having to concentrate to read the subtitles, and three seasons of a new treat, "Silent Witness". I did see one or two episodes on TV but there are several sets available now in the library so I will work through them. They are excellent!

A friend lent me the Sandra Brown book but the other two I ordered and hope I will enjoy. I have read other Ian Rankin books so I'm pretty sure I will like it but the other one, not so sure. Someone must have recommended it!

   Judy and Natalie came over this afternoon as they were in the vicinity and brought me these homemade delicacies as well as another box of Girl Guide cookies. Didn't take me long to consume the first one!

   Dental checkup and cleaning today and my mouth still feels tender. Not my favourite way to spend an hour! However, I have a nice new toothbrush and other essentials for good dental health. Should be fine for another six months!

Monday 12 April 2021

Signs of Spring

   I keep saying that and then we go back to winter temperatures. Today I reverted to my winter coat for my walk up to the library and was glad of the extra layer. It was windy and spitting rain. We had a nice day on Saturday and a good hour of tennis but more rain is forecast for the rest of the week. 

I cut the forsythia back last fall but it has till produced quite a few blooms.

Slightly out of focus buds on the Mountain Ash (Rowan). I can't wait for the trees to green up. They are mostly all still bare. I did see buds on a neighbour's magnolia, that is always one of the early ones.

Friday 9 April 2021

A Culinary Masterpiece

    I made a lasagna today and it looks sooo good I can't wait to tuck in. It's rather labour intensive but will feed me 6 meals, one today, another on Sunday and four for the freezer. Today I will have it with a salad as I have romaine lettuce to use up. Have you noticed how long romaine lettuce stays crisp in the fridge? I'm sure it is at least three weeks since I bought this one, just taking off a few leaves at a time. 

   It was a cloudy wet day to start off with, just the perfect time to stay indoors and work in the kitchen. Now it is full sun which bodes well for tomorrow. 

Thursday 8 April 2021

More Books from the Library

    My latest haul from the library - thanks be that they are to remain open for pickups during our latest lockdown!

     I have finished "The Sea Gate", a quirky but entertaining adventure spread over two time periods, WWII and present day with lively and endearing characters. 
   Currently reading (and thoroughly into) "The Butterfly House", a crime/detective story set in Copenhagen by a Danish author. The translation is a little awkward in places but doesn't detract from the overall quality of the writing.
   Dipped into "The Forgotten Sister" but not really entranced by it, although I do love historical fiction (this one is Tudor times and present day). I will certainly give it a go.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Easter Sunday

    A new date three weeks hence has been established for our Easter meal and today worked out rather well. We were blessed with wonderful weather, treats were exchanged (and consumed) and , all in all, everything worked out to perfection. 

 As you can see, it is definitely T-shirt weather. and lots of lovely treats. (computer refusing to let me rotate a couple of shots so just turn your computer sideways!) The tiramisu was delicious and I can't wait to get in to the truffles after a month of abstaining from chocolate.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Best Laid Plans.....

    Easter lunch at my house has been postponed -  daughter's class had a COVID exposure and, although none are sick we decided to err on the side of caution. So the leg of lamb and other goodies have been consigned to the freezer and we will just meet outdoors for a brief visit.

    I have been assured there will be chocolate treats if I am willing to provide coffee. No complaint there, just hope it's sunny and a little bit warmer. A photo or two will be taken but no hugs yet!

Friday 2 April 2021

Braving the Elements

    The daffodils have finally opened so I will have a nice bunch to bring into the house for the Easter lunch table. Now the big clean up begins!

   It was sunny but bitterly cold today, not much above freezing. I did manage a walk and came home to a warming bowl of soup which had been bubbling away all morning. My favourite carrot and lentil concoction with some crackers and cheese makes an easy lunch.

Thursday 1 April 2021

Preparing for Easter

    Two crusty French loaves baked for Easter lunch on Sunday - if I can resist taking a slice or two (just to check they are good, don't ya know).

    Today I went out early on a hunt for a nice leg of lamb, reasonably priced, and lucked out at the last store I tried, then had to go out again for garlic and Mint Sauce! Also hit the liquor store to stock up as I had cut out alcohol for Lent. I will have a big glass of red on Sunday to celebrate a month of abstinence. Ditto with chocolate so I hope the grandkids bring me some.

   Lamb is our tradition for Easter Sunday and nothing will prevent us from indulging, not even another lockdown. Praying that the family stay healthy until then - one school had a case of COVID but it remains open so caught in time, thank goodness! 

   In case you are wondering, I had no side effects from my shot last weekend - just a stiff arm for a couple of days.