Thursday 30 March 2023

On My Bedside Table

   I picked up a couple of new reads at last weeks' Probus meeting. Now the pile by my bedside is threatening to take over. I recently finished the book for next week's book club meeting, The Shape of Family, so am ready to discuss it and return it right after. It was O.K but nothing special. I hope next month's is better. Should go and request it right away.

The rest are either mysteries or Detective stories as I am not in the mood for anything deep or thought provoking!


Wednesday 29 March 2023

Weird Weather

    I had a busy day but the weird weather only interfered with the latter half.

   Spent the morning at home but went out for a lovely buffet lunch (chicken pot pie, quiche and salads, and yummy desserts) at the seniors' centre, courtesy of our local Amica retirement home. I would love to retire there (even just for the food which was excellent) except that I heard the monthly fee is $6,000 to $7,000! Yikes!!

   The home has every amenity imaginable so everything is included and that really does mean everything. You can even book a room to entertain family. However, I would run through whatever I gained by selling my house very quickly at that rate! But it was interesting to hear how "the other half" live. The meal and presentation were followed by musical entertainment with many of the younger seniors up on the dance floor but I was too full to participate.

    After a brief stop at home for a nap, I dropped in on a friend to take care of some paperwork as we are colleagues on a couple of committees. While on my way there, and she lives quite close, a strong snow squall blew through turning everything white again and dropping the temperature several degrees. I wasn't properly dressed for this sudden change in the weather so got quite chilled.

     Soon I was on the road again and drove through the squall to our local Conference Centre for an RPW (retirement planning workshop). My days aren't usually so jam packed but I was there on behalf of our local branch of RTO (Retired Teachers of Ontario) to try to recruit new members and answer questions about our programs and activities. Another substantial buffet meal (sandwiches, wraps and salads as well as some tasty desserts and fruit) took care of dinner so now I am just having a mug of herbal tea and a couple of chocolate brownies, which fell into my purse from the buffet table, before heading for bed. I will have to pay for all this over indulgence by eating sparingly tomorrow!

Sunday 26 March 2023

The Latest Puzzle

It was sunny outside today but still a bit chilly - back to the winter coat! I had a long walk then finished my current jigsaw puzzle. 

It was 1000 pieces but not too difficult. I got it at the thrift store, they had quite a good selection so I may go back and pick up another. It took me about a week and a half, working on it sporadically.

Friday 24 March 2023

Ther Big Melt

    We are finally starting to see some green here although the overnight temperatures are mostly still below Zero. This was my back yard last week.

You can see a slight sign of melting in the centre of the pool cover.

Here is the same view today and some of the snowbanks out front where the snow from the driveway was dumped.

   By this time next week it should all be gone (fingers crossed) unless we get more of the white stuff which could well happen. After that it will take some time for the ground to dry out. However, hope springs eternal so I may be gardening again sooner rather than later!

Thursday 23 March 2023

Spring in Canada

 Caught this on Facebook today. Fellow Canadians will attest to the truth in the message!

Sunday 19 March 2023

A Night on the Dance Floor

   Not much change from my last post - still wearing the coat and boots when I went for my (brief) walk as it was minus numbers again today and a bitter wind. BUT no need to shovel the small amount of snow we got overnight as it will be gone soon. The temperatures for the upcoming week are all in plus numbers! Could this possibly be our last frigid day?

   Last night was the monthly dance and I managed most of the dances, even though still gasping through the compulsory mask. This is the first one I have participated in since they started back up earlier this year. We are still not having a proper intermission (with food) but did have a 15 minute break to refresh ourselves. Here's one of the dances we did at an earlier monthly dance as you can see we are not masked. It's to commemorate the rebellion of 1745.

Monday 13 March 2023

Sick of Winter!

 Not only sick of the snow and cold temperatures but also of having to constantly don my winter coat and boots!

This is me all decked out for my morning walk. Just needed to grab my mitts and headband and I was all set. There was only a weak sun today and just a light wind so I was quite comfortable. But how I long to be able to grab a lighter jacket and leave the gloves behind!

Saturday 11 March 2023

Fun With the Family

     More snow to shovel today but only a couple of inches and it was light and fluffy. Actually, I only did half the driveway - came home to find a kindly neighbour must have finished it for me. How nice!

   It was eldest grandson`s 17th  birthday today so I was invited to their house for a delicious brunch with cake. He was in great spirits as his main gift from his parents was being added to their car insurance policy when (and if) he passes his driving test next month!

   It was great to catch up on all their doings, they all (parents and kids) lead busy lives. Our next getogether will be Easter Sunday lunch at my house - the requests are in, it will probably be a leg of lamb and roasties!

Saturday 4 March 2023

After The Storm

    Loads of snow so it was a day of digging out. Luckily I had nowhere I needed to be so just took it easy and had lots of breaks. Unfortunately, my little snowblower was just not up to the task as the snow was very wet and heavy. Daughter came over in the afternoon and finished it off.

 The snowplough came around noon so the roads are clear. It was followed by another machine that partially cleared the windrow across the end of my driveway. However, still lots of back-breaking shovelling!

Trying to reach the back yard to open the garage and get out the snowblower.

My first task was to clear a path to the front door.

The snowbanks after the plough came through.

It was hot work. Judy had her jacket off.

Thursday 2 March 2023

What Retirement Looks Like

    Today was what amounted for me as a very busy day since retirement!

   I was out by 8:30 a.m. to buy treats for the Executive meeting (muffins or donuts? decisions, decisions) At the meeting by 9:00 and managed to keep myself awake and participate in discussions until noon. Luckily there was plentiful coffee which really helped. Home by 12:30 and cleared some more ice from my driveway before fielding a phone call from the contractor building my shed (more of that later) and quickly heated a bowl of soup for lunch.

   Arrived at Book club by 1:15 for more snacks and again made an effort to join in the discussion but the book wasn't really to my taste so I wasn't fully invested in it. It did get lively at one point so not a totally wasted afternoon. If I'd been at home I'd probably have been napping anyway.

   I ran out of battery power on my way home and had to resort to the gas engine but the car is now plugged in and recharging. This has only happened once before since I bought the car last year as I usually plug it in before it gets too low. It will take 6 hours to recharge.

   Whew, I'm exhausted, especially since I missed my nap! It will be an early night for me.