Friday 29 August 2014

Last Day of Kaffeeklatch

   A few goodbye's today as we finished off Kaffeeklatch at Don Mills. A much more pleasant day as the temperature was in the low 20's and no wind. Not a great turnout, surprisingly, but it is the beginning of the last holiday weekend of the summer and a lot of people head out of the city for a few days.

   Next week some of us are joining another club, Bellbury, for an impromptu social on Tuesdays and Fridays. There probably won't be coffee but it will be fun nevertheless and an opportunity to extend the tennis season by a few more weeks.

   Cooking some shrimp for dinner tonight. I will probably combine them with pasta in a sweet potato and sour cream sauce as I need to use up leftovers. I am trying to clear out my freezer and now just have some chicken thighs to use up sometime on the weekend.

   I picked my potatoes recently (got a fair sized haul) and had some with chicken and corn last night. They were very tasty! I also dug up the garlic and it is looking very good hanging in the garage to dry. I will save one clove to plant later in the fall for next year's crop. The tomatoes are ripening fast and are very juicy - should keep ripening for the next five or six weeks as there are still plenty on the vines and flowers still opening. I have another pepper on the plant so hope it will turn red before the first frost. The "critters" got all my eggplants this year!


Wednesday 27 August 2014

Tennis on TV

   The U.S. Open started on Monday so I have been watching the early matches with a small degree of enthusiasm.  Three Canadians are still in the mix although Frank Dancevic is going down to a Portuguese player as we speak. Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard are both through to the 2nd. round.

   Yesterday was extremely hot, our hottest day this summer, but, luckily, it has cooled off again. Tennis yesterday was really no fun as I was pouring with sweat by the second set. But I did manage a third set after a chance to cool down. This is our last week at Don Mills as they are closing for maintenance (installing new lights) after Labour Day. There will be a social next Monday and then we will be playing at another club for September and October.

    Today was very pleasant and the grandkids were over for a swim. We didn't manage to get James in the water, despite it being over 80F in the pool, but the other two and Judy had a grand time. I had my last visit from the "pool guys" today and will handle the maintenance for the rest of the summer, probably only a couple of more weeks.

   I have quite a glut of tomatoes and made some tomato chutney the other day. It started off as a big pan of tomatoes, apple and raisins but cooked down to just 2 small jars. Hope they will turn out well.


Sunday 24 August 2014

A Quiet Weekend

   Not much happening this weekend. Laundry and grocery shopping on Saturday - I stopped at the corn stand on the way home, his cobs are so sweet and tender!

    Out early to the tennis courts this morning. I joined a threesome with Chan and a young couple. We just hit for an hour as Chan complained that playing a game or set was too much for him. I find just hitting much more tiring - hence my early departure. It was not at all busy but the courts were filled by the time I left.

    Cleaned the pool this afternoon and then had a nice, refreshing swim. The water was 74F and that's without the heater - not too shabby this late in the summer.

    I have been eating chicken and sweet potato casserole for the last three days, but it is finally gone so tonight I will have a nice piece  of salmon with quinoa and green beans.  I am very excited that the first episode of the "Outlander" series is on tonight at 10:00p.m. - hope I manage to stay awake until then.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Good Book

   Luck was with me last week when I decided to drop by the Agincourt Library. I had run out of anything to read and that particular branch has a "Best Bets" shelf where I've had some lucky finds. And so it was that day - a new Diana Gabaldon novel in her "Outlander" series, which I didn't even know was out! It didn't take me long to become enthralled with the plot and renew my acquaintance with the characters. I may not finish it in the three weeks allowed, but I am giving it my best try. Also, I learned yesterday that the books are serialized on television starting next week. Can't wait!

   We had a fun day last Friday up at Port Perry where Alison keeps her horse. The kids got to ride Mischief out at the stables, then we went into town for a late lunch by the lake. I had played tennis in the morning and was pretty beat by the time I got home. It was quite a long drive to the stables.

   Saturday I was back up to Markham to babysit the kids so it was a late night again. Sunday, up early for tennis but didn't play long. Golf on Monday morning - played a whole round on the par 3 course. Tennis on Tuesday morning then went to a movie in the afternoon - "The Hundred-foot Journey" - not bad but not particularly spectacular either. That evening was pot luck night at the Bridlewood House League so I made some sausage rolls and wandered over around 8:15. There was a nice spread and good socializing but I  was home, with not much in the way of leftovers, by 9:00.

    Today I had a quiet start but Judy brought the kids over for lunch then left them while she went back to her classroom to get it ready for September - can't believe there are only two more weeks until then! I made a big batch of cauliflower soup, which everyone enjoyed, and egg salad sandwiches which are always  popular. Dave picked the kids up around 4:30 as Judy was off to Dragon Boating. After they left I tried out a gluten free Focaccia bread recipe and am somewhat undecided if it was worth the effort. It was quite successful but with a texture and underlying taste that weren't completely to my liking. The main ingredients were tapioca flour, coconut milk and eggs. I tried it with some smoked salmon and blue cheese and perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to it. Now I'm off to warm up leftover lasagna and cook a cob of corn for dinner.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Roger's Cup Week

   It was a busy but fun week of tennis at the Rexall Centre at York University. Only one day of rained out matches and the final winner was Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. This was the result I had hoped for but, unfortunately, his opponent in the final was Roger Federer, another favourite of mine. It was a spectacular match but Jo-Willie was definitely the better player, winning in two sets. Attendance was up this year with several sold out sessions as most of the top players were present, so it was pretty hectic at the entrance, scanning all these tickets.

   After the final on Sunday all the volunteers were treated to a "thank-you" party. By then I was pretty exhausted (too many long sessions and too much sun) so I left quite early. The party was just getting started but I had eaten and drunk my fill so I headed home for an early night.

   Judy and the kids were over for a swim on Monday and today was tennis in the morning (after a rainy start) then Judy and I had afternoon tea at The Marleigh in Unionville. No need for much dinner tonight!
Rexall Centre, main entrance to the Stadium Court.
The Doubles Final from the 100 level.
The Singles final from the "nosebleed" section, the 300's.
Presentation of the trophies. All the dignitaries in attendance!
The Ticket Takers table at the Volunteer party. There were over 1000 volunteers this year!

Saturday 2 August 2014

Lunch With the Family

    Judy had us for brunch today to celebrate Dave's birthday.  We had an egg and cheese dish and fried potatoes and bacon. The kids were in fine form and very excited at the prospect of cake. Elliot had made the cake (with help from Judy) and it was delicious.

   I have been invited to join Judy and the kids when they visit Alison and her horse, Mischief, at the stables. That will be a week from next Friday.  Natalie is especially keen to ride Mischief as she enjoyed the horse riding at camp this week.

    Next week I will be at the Rexall Centre most days for the Roger's Cup tennis, so won't be blogging (except for some photos, perhaps). When I'm not taking tickets at the gate, I will be watching the matches.  Hopefully some Canadians will make it into the main draw.

   Don't need much dinner tonight after the big lunch - leftovers, probably, and no dessert!

Friday 1 August 2014

August arrives

  A hot morning on the tennis courts today but I managed 4 sets. Cut the back grass this afternoon then needed a p[lunge in the pool. Huge thunderstorm later that filled the pool up so no need to turn on the hose for a few days. Picked some yellow cherry tomatoes to have in a croissant for lunch with cauliflower soup.

   Golf with Judy yesterday - both our games were very much up and down although she certainly can hit the ball further than me! We just played nine holes as we had to be done in time to pick up James from camp. After picking him up, we went to "Johnny's Bistro" in Markham for lunch. It was very pleasant out on the covered patio and James was very good although he didn't eat much. I had a steak souvlaki and Judy had a turkey and bacon sandwich. Even with a heavier lunch than I am used to, I still managed to cook and eat butter chicken for dinner. Lots left for dinner tonight.