Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lunch With the Family

    Judy had us for brunch today to celebrate Dave's birthday.  We had an egg and cheese dish and fried potatoes and bacon. The kids were in fine form and very excited at the prospect of cake. Elliot had made the cake (with help from Judy) and it was delicious.

   I have been invited to join Judy and the kids when they visit Alison and her horse, Mischief, at the stables. That will be a week from next Friday.  Natalie is especially keen to ride Mischief as she enjoyed the horse riding at camp this week.

    Next week I will be at the Rexall Centre most days for the Roger's Cup tennis, so won't be blogging (except for some photos, perhaps). When I'm not taking tickets at the gate, I will be watching the matches.  Hopefully some Canadians will make it into the main draw.

   Don't need much dinner tonight after the big lunch - leftovers, probably, and no dessert!

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