Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tennis on TV

   The U.S. Open started on Monday so I have been watching the early matches with a small degree of enthusiasm.  Three Canadians are still in the mix although Frank Dancevic is going down to a Portuguese player as we speak. Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard are both through to the 2nd. round.

   Yesterday was extremely hot, our hottest day this summer, but, luckily, it has cooled off again. Tennis yesterday was really no fun as I was pouring with sweat by the second set. But I did manage a third set after a chance to cool down. This is our last week at Don Mills as they are closing for maintenance (installing new lights) after Labour Day. There will be a social next Monday and then we will be playing at another club for September and October.

    Today was very pleasant and the grandkids were over for a swim. We didn't manage to get James in the water, despite it being over 80F in the pool, but the other two and Judy had a grand time. I had my last visit from the "pool guys" today and will handle the maintenance for the rest of the summer, probably only a couple of more weeks.

   I have quite a glut of tomatoes and made some tomato chutney the other day. It started off as a big pan of tomatoes, apple and raisins but cooked down to just 2 small jars. Hope they will turn out well.


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