Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Good Book

   Luck was with me last week when I decided to drop by the Agincourt Library. I had run out of anything to read and that particular branch has a "Best Bets" shelf where I've had some lucky finds. And so it was that day - a new Diana Gabaldon novel in her "Outlander" series, which I didn't even know was out! It didn't take me long to become enthralled with the plot and renew my acquaintance with the characters. I may not finish it in the three weeks allowed, but I am giving it my best try. Also, I learned yesterday that the books are serialized on television starting next week. Can't wait!

   We had a fun day last Friday up at Port Perry where Alison keeps her horse. The kids got to ride Mischief out at the stables, then we went into town for a late lunch by the lake. I had played tennis in the morning and was pretty beat by the time I got home. It was quite a long drive to the stables.

   Saturday I was back up to Markham to babysit the kids so it was a late night again. Sunday, up early for tennis but didn't play long. Golf on Monday morning - played a whole round on the par 3 course. Tennis on Tuesday morning then went to a movie in the afternoon - "The Hundred-foot Journey" - not bad but not particularly spectacular either. That evening was pot luck night at the Bridlewood House League so I made some sausage rolls and wandered over around 8:15. There was a nice spread and good socializing but I  was home, with not much in the way of leftovers, by 9:00.

    Today I had a quiet start but Judy brought the kids over for lunch then left them while she went back to her classroom to get it ready for September - can't believe there are only two more weeks until then! I made a big batch of cauliflower soup, which everyone enjoyed, and egg salad sandwiches which are always  popular. Dave picked the kids up around 4:30 as Judy was off to Dragon Boating. After they left I tried out a gluten free Focaccia bread recipe and am somewhat undecided if it was worth the effort. It was quite successful but with a texture and underlying taste that weren't completely to my liking. The main ingredients were tapioca flour, coconut milk and eggs. I tried it with some smoked salmon and blue cheese and perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to it. Now I'm off to warm up leftover lasagna and cook a cob of corn for dinner.

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