Friday, 1 August 2014

August arrives

  A hot morning on the tennis courts today but I managed 4 sets. Cut the back grass this afternoon then needed a p[lunge in the pool. Huge thunderstorm later that filled the pool up so no need to turn on the hose for a few days. Picked some yellow cherry tomatoes to have in a croissant for lunch with cauliflower soup.

   Golf with Judy yesterday - both our games were very much up and down although she certainly can hit the ball further than me! We just played nine holes as we had to be done in time to pick up James from camp. After picking him up, we went to "Johnny's Bistro" in Markham for lunch. It was very pleasant out on the covered patio and James was very good although he didn't eat much. I had a steak souvlaki and Judy had a turkey and bacon sandwich. Even with a heavier lunch than I am used to, I still managed to cook and eat butter chicken for dinner. Lots left for dinner tonight.

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