Monday, 18 October 2021

Heating Turned On

    When I got up this morning it was only 14C in the house so I started up the furnace. I may turn it off again later in the week but, for just now, it's needed! I have brought in all my outdoor pots just in case there is frost. The plants all look so healthy having spent the last few months outdoors.

   It was cold at tennis on Sunday but I was quite comfortable (compared to one of my friends) as I was dressed in layers. Having said that I must say I didn't shed any layers as we played. The Scandinavians have a saying, "There is no bad weather, just bad clothes", and I entirely agree. No point in being cold when you can add another layer!

    Still without my stove. The repair man came today and replaced the part but now I need an electrician as it seems it's the outlet which is at fault. That won't happen until next week, I'm afraid, but I have one booked.

    The car is booked for its service next week and I will call to have the furnace serviced before the end of the month - always something needing doing!

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Waiting - not my best attribute

    Still without a stove - they have promised to come on Monday (the part has arrived) but were supposed to send me a "robo-call" with the time but no message so far. I will just have to wait and see, I guess.

    I am managing without the stove quite well although yesterday I just had a cheese toastie for dinner. I have made soup and stew in the rice cooker so far and made my breakfast omelet in it today. I also made a batch of green tomato chutney which turned out well. Tonight I am going to try to cook chicken thighs in it, in a salsa sauce with mushrooms. The main inconvenience is that there are only two settings - cook and keep warm, so there is no way to control the heat. So far I haven't burned anything!

   I will have the fire on tonight as it has turned quite cold. It will be chilly on the tennis courts tomorrow!

Thursday, 14 October 2021

What I Am Reading

    Great day on the tennis courts this morning! I was actually feeling too hot by the time we finished just shy of 11:00 a.m. Kathy was the big winner today after two sets but I was lucky enough to be her partner for the second set so basked in her glory!

   On to my current reading material:

Set in Glasgow, Scotland ( and in my home town of Bearsden) it's a rather dark but intriguing crime novel with a very twisted ending. Recommended.

Every book list is agog with reviews of Sally Rooney's latest novel but I thought I would start with an earlier one. Set in Ireland, the characters in this one are far from "normal" in my opinion and I recommend it with some reservations. 

Set in France this one is highly recommended by a friend but I am rather sated with WWII stories.  The characters are mostly stereotypical  (cruel Nazis, beleaguered Jews, downtrodden but brave French).

   I would say the Sally Rooney book is the most well written with The Nightingale a close second.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Thanksgiving Monday

     Just a regular Monday for me as we had our big feast at daughter's house yesterday. That way she has a rest day before returning to work. There were seven of us and, as is our custom, we went around the table before we ate telling what we are thankful for - and there was a lot!

   It has been very summery this weekend and I finally pulled up the last of the kale plants. Now my vegetable garden is empty as that is the area the guys will have to dig up to fix my leaky basement. No word yet as to when that will happen but at least I am prepared. 

I got quite a good picking from the last kale plants and will use it tomorrow.