Friday, 24 June 2022

Out To Lunch

     I went to the tennis social at my other courts this morning but didn't play, just ran the Round Robin for a while. The reason for that was that Cathy had invited us over for lunch and I was in charge of salad!

   Too bad I didn't take a photo as it was rather yummy if I do say so myself. Romaine lettuce, red pepper and avocado slices, olives and bacon bits with some homemade dressing involving lots of garlic and grated parmesan cheese. Of course that was just the side dish as Cathy had barbecued burgers with all the fixings, Kathy had made her speciality, devilled eggs, and Susan had baked scones which she served with home made jam and clotted cream. There was also Prosecco and, for afters, Lemoncello liqueur! I needed a nap when I finally rolled home.

    Another two swims day - the water was lovely and refreshing at 77F and I am gradually increasing the lengths to see if I can get some serious exercise. We are headed for some more heat this weekend then it cools off a bit on Monday but at least the nights are cool enough to get a good sleep. I have seen people blog about opening all the windows during the day to try to stay comfortable. Here the windows are all open wide overnight then closed up first thing in the morning. At least that's how I handle the heat. The A/C doesn't usually click on until late in the afternoon.

   Only a light snack for dinner tonight - my stomach needs a rest too!

Thursday, 23 June 2022

One Less Worry

    Electrician has come and gone so the A/C wiring is sorted (until the next time!). He was very punctual and done in just over an hour so didn't disrupt my day too much. It continues to be very hot but we had an early tennis slot again today which meant we were more alive than dead when we finished at 10:00 a.m.

   I had a swim when I got home from tennis and another after cutting the back grass later in the afternoon. Still not sitting outside as the back deck is scorching now that I don't have the shade of the Spruce tree. Will have to think of some way to generate some shade. The umbrella over the patio table only creates a bit of shade and the awning only stretches so far.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Someone Turn Down the Heat

    Another scorcher today - went up to 32F today, felt like 42F - and I have been hiding inside until the sun goes down when I will attempt a bit of gardening.

   I got my finger splint changed today to a removable one and was in the pool the minute I got home from the hospital. What bliss! At least I can cool off in comfort now. Supposed to cool down a bit overnight and be more comfortable tomorrow.

   P.S. Forgot my water bottle during the 10 minute walk to and from the hospital from the parking lot, and arrived home rather dehydrated. The only fountain I could find in the hospital was out of order!

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Surprise Visitors

    A nice surprise this morning, the male and female Mallard ducks were back when I looked out early this morning. They hung around for a while (just hope they are not nesting in my back yard), perched on the fence to groom their feathers, then flew off. Quite a treat to see them.

   It was another scorcher today but we had decided to play tennis at 8:00 a.m. By the time we stopped at 10:00 it was getting quite steamy so we were glad to quit and head for somewhere cool, in my case a quick dip in the pool!