Sunday, 20 October 2019

Tattie Harvest

   Tennis this morning - it was a beautiful day, sunny and no wind, but not too many on the courts. We played for an hour and a half (Kathy and Frank beat Cathy and me 6-4). The others stayed for another set but I had had enough by then.    

I dug up the last of the potato plants today and got a bumper crop. I will definitely plant some next year. These will take me some time to eat up so I hope they keep well.

I was surprised to get a mixture of red and white potatoes.

   I was gardening without a jacket this afternoon and got the grass cut and the borders trimmed. I brought in my gorgeous plant, that is still blooming well,  to make sure it doesn't get frosted. It still has lots of buds on it.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Fall Colours

    After lunch with Judy I went for a walk around my neighbourhood. Boy, was it cold! But look at the blue sky.

   The trees are starting to turn but some have lost most of their leaves already so the results were less than breathtaking.

This bush is in my back yard and always turns early.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Ladies (and men) Who Lunch

   Third lunch out this week - lunch and a Travelogue (of Morocco and Gibralter) which was excellent (the food) and fascinating (the travelogue). I have been to both places, a few years ago, and recognized several of the spots. The event was presented by the retired teacher's group I belong to so there were lots of people there I knew. First I went to this month's Probus meeting but had to leave half way through the talk.

   I had offered to take my daughter out for lunch tomorrow - it's her birthday on Saturday - but in retrospect was reluctant to eat out again, so have invited her here for lunch instead. She only gets an hour for lunch so it will be something quick and simple, something I would probably fix for myself. She won't mind and I have a little gift for her.

   A very cold wind today and no sun. The thermometer said 10C but it felt much, much colder! I am definitely not ready for this blast of Arctic air. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Thunder and Lightning

  A rather busy day - I was woken in the early hours by a thunder storm and then was out early, fighting traffic in heavy rain, to get to the tennis clubhouse and get it cleaned out before we vacate it for the winter program. Shiyan was there to help, she is one of the supervisors - but we had different views as to what was the most urgent task to get done! Finally we compromised and were finished by 11:30 a.m. Then more traffic to get to my shift in the kitchen at the senior's centre. It was quite busy there - I sold 11 meat pies which is quite unusual!

   On my return home I spent some time on the phone trying to find out where my new credit card is. My current one expires at the end of the month and I will be in dire straites if I don't have a replacement! Seemingly it is on its way to me so, fingers crossed it arrives safely.

   I picked up two movies from the library on my way home - "Catherine the Great" and "The Leisure Seeker" so no problem filling my evenings for the rest of the week. I may even watch them twice!