Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Digging Out

 We got about 40 cms. of snow overnight on Sunday and well into Monday, although in places it was more like 50cms. with the drifts. The wind was pretty wild. I have been digging and snow blowing off and on all day and have managed to clear half way down my driveway. Now my back is stiffening up so I just hope I am up to more shoveling tomorrow. Luckily I am well stocked up with staples so don't need to go anywhere.

   Everything was at a standstill with abandoned cars blocking the major routes. You'd think people would have realized getting out on the roads was a bad idea! Even the snow ploughs were stuck. Schools were closed for a second day which is the first time in my memory.

Digging a path for the mailman! The newspaper only made it half way up the driveway but at least it was delivered today. 

My snowblower was well used today although I had to recharge it twice. It's really not big enough to handle this amount of snow so I had to shovel off the top half first! The snow plough has been around our street twice so now there is a huge barrier across the end of my driveway (known as a windrow). Daughter has promised to come by after work tomorrow to help me get that cleared.
   I got the Wordle word in four tries today so am on a winning streak!

Saturday, 15 January 2022

My New Addiction

    Ok, it's nothing serious but I have become addicted to Wordle. It's a new word game in which you have five tries to guess a word. You only get one chance per day and it is the first thing I do when I boot up my computer in the evening.

   So far I have managed to guess 60% of the words which I think is quite good. On each guess you eliminate letters and stick with the correct ones. You are also told if they are in the correct spot in the word or not. Quite a problem solving endeavour. Today's word was "panic" which I got on the fourth try. 

   I am hibernating indoors today as it has only been able to warm up to -13C. Tomorrow should be a little better then we are getting a big dump of snow overnight and into Monday. Oh, fun! I finished the Val McDermid book which had a very suspenseful but satisfying conclusion.

Friday, 14 January 2022

My New Friend

    I have a new best friend  - her name is Diana Kochalas and she's the host of a cooking show called "My Greek Table" on TLN at 6:00p.m. Honestly, it's just like having her in the room with me, chatting about Greek food! It is really healthy and heavy on vegetables. She also shares beautiful views of Greece and cultural sights. My dinner tonight is going to include sauteed vegetables with a ton of olives, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese. Greek yogurt and honey also figure frequently in her meals and, of course, Greek olive oil. 

   I did manage a short walk today although it was -9C and the wind made it feel even colder. As the Danes say, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices"! It's part of their "hygge" philosophy for surviving winter and  I heartily endorse it. I was well wrapped up but could have had an extras layer on my legs - just had to walk faster!  

Thursday, 13 January 2022

On My Bedside Table

    It was milder today - just around 0C - so I walked up to the library to collect books I had requested. If you don't pick them up after a week you are charged for them. Unfortunately three came all at once so I will have to get cracking!

   Amor Towles: I read his last two and enjoyed them immensely so I am looking forward to this one.

   Louise Penny:  Another Inspector Gamache crime tale. Always a good read.

   Richard Osman:  Another Thursday Murder Club adventure - very light reading.

  Val McDermid: I have been binge reading her this winter but this one has a plot line which she explored in another book - a climbing accident in which one climber dies after the connecting rope is cut. C'mon, Val!

   Lisa Jewell: Great story, highly recommend all her books. Very tense! 

   Patricia Cornwell: Started this one, a Scarpetti crime mystery. I  couldn't get into it but will try again when I have read everything else!

   Anne Perry: May send this one back until I have nothing to read. Didn't have to order it as it's from my home library.

  I'm always on the lookout for new authors so welcome any suggestions. Hope you find something worth trying in this list.