Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Corona Virus

   It would seem that this topic has replaced the weather in our everyday conversations. Should you be wearing a mask (seemingly not, unless you are already sick and want to protect your fellow humans)? Is your hand sanitizer alcohol based (I think they all are now)?

   In my opinion the media is upping the anxiety level and people are quite too worried. There have only been two cases identified in this city of 3 million, so why are parent keeping kids home from school and getting up petitions to ostrasize East Asian members of their communities. That is outright racism!

   I'm sure we will have more cases in the next few weeks but as long as the general public follows a few basic health and safety measures, such as regular hand washing and coughing into your sleeve rather than hand, (which we should be doing anyway during 'flu season) the contagion shouldn't spread into the general population.

   I may eat my words before the epidemic is over but nothing will be gained from becoming hysterical.

Monday, 27 January 2020

Life's Small Pleasures

   Hava Java coffee social this morning, a good turnout despite the chilly weather. Then straight from Calabria Bakery to Bridge club at the senior's centre. My partner and I came out on top by just the slimmest of margins but satisfying nonetheless.

   I finished the last of the bottle of "Toro Bravo" merlot this evening. This is the special wine I bought in bulk in the fall which received 96 points (out of a hundred) and is exceptionally good and exceptionally cheap ($7.95). I have one more bottle left but will save it for when the family are over for dinner at Easter. It will go very well with the lamb shoulder I intend to serve.

This is the 2017 vintage, but 2018 is almost as delicious.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Celebrating Robbie Burns


Second Burns supper of the year yesterday, this one a lunch for about 80 people at a local church. There was the piping in of the haggis, all the addresses, songs and speeches. We were part of the entertainment with some dances and audience participation. Today I am quite exhausted and had a long nap this afternoon. Hope I can sleep tonight.

   I have one more to attend on Thursday but this will be a much more low key affair at a retirement home. The residents won't be up to dancing so, after our dances, we will entertain with some Scottish melodies sung "a capella". I have been told just to move my lips as I am incapable of staying on key.

   Last week I bought a humungous cabbage - I like cabbage but chose the smallest I could find as it takes me forever to finish one. Tonight I have made a chicken and cabbage casserole which will probably do me three days. By then I will be sick of cabbage and won't buy it for another few months.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Not Feeling Hungry

   Still stuffed after last night's haggis dinner so breakfast was late and light - just half a banana. OK, I did have a coffee and granola bar during this morning's meeting but that doesn't count, does it? I needed to stay attentive and alert.

   Lunch followed the meeting and I managed to restrain myself. I have learned when eating out I don't have to completely clean my plate. I ate all the vegetables and most of the chicken breast but left half of the potatoes. Also, I only ate half a roll with my salad. Tonight will be a light dinner and I will try to be finished by 7:00 p.m. then fast until 9:30 tomorrow morning. A good plan but can I stick to it?
(Did you notice I didn't mention dessert?)