Thursday, 13 December 2018

More Food!

     …… but the end is in sight! Today was the Probus Club lunch. We had a choice of turkey or salmon and, as I am cooking a leg of lamb on Christmas Day, I opted for turkey. It was excellent, a nice salad first, then two slices of turkey breast, asparagus and carrots, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. In other words, the works! Dessert was chocolate coated ice cream and coffee to finish - a delicious meal with good friends. There was even musical entertainment. Tonight I will just have a bowl of soup for dinner.

   This week was our final dancing nights before Christmas so we had parties on Monday and Wednesday with lots of goodies (mostly sweet things). I made sausage rolls which were popular - no leftovers. They are so easy to make with bought puff pastry that they are my standby for pot luck parties. One more batch to make next week for the Bridge party. Then it will be the countdown to the big day - hope everything turns out well!


Sunday, 9 December 2018

Festive Meals

    I see I haven't blogged for a week but it has been a busy one. Next week will be more of the same.

   As well as my usual bridge, exercise classes and tennis game, I was out for lunch three times. On Wednesday it was the Retired Teachers Christmas lunch and wonderful it was as usual - a gigantic buffet at the local Golf and Country Club (very posh!). Every kind of dish imaginable but my favourite was smoked salmon....and the desserts were to die for!

   On Friday I picked up the grandkids after school for a sleepover as the parents were entertaining friends. We had a rotisserie chicken from Metro with corn, stuffing and salad. After dinner they put up my Christmas tree and decorated it, then we watched "Elf", a very silly movie but they liked it. Next morning it was a mountain of pancakes and sausages - these kids can really pack it away!

   I met friends for lunch on Saturday at Markham Station but I was very good and only had a Greek salad (no Caesar Salad unfortunately). In fact I brought half of it home to have for dinner with leftovers. Today was the Festive Special at Swiss Chalet with the whole family - this is the complete Christmas meal with 1/4 chicken, stuffing and cranberries. I ordered salad instead of fries - again no Caesar salad because of the problems with Romaine lettuce - so at least it was a little bit healthy. No dinner tonight as I am still stuffed (just like the chicken!).

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Two Nights Out

    Things are getting busy now that we are into December - I was out dancing two nights in a row and my feet have still not recovered!

    On Friday I reluctantly drove to Port Perry (in the dark on country roads, only got lost once) for a St. Andrew's Day Ceilidh. It was held at the local Legion Hall and was a great night - a huge turnout with people from all over the GTA, lots of fun dances and a nice spread after. Then the real fun started - driving home. 

   Google told me it was a 45 minute drive home but it took me almost an hour and a half. First I spent 20 minutes going in a circle and ended back in Port Perry. Once I got on the right road I made good time as there wasn't much traffic. However, not far from home, on Hwy.401, the traffic slowed and came  almost to a stop. I found out later there had been a pretty serious accident just at my exit. Luckily I was close to another exit so took that and finally arrived home safely at 11:00 p.m.

   Last night the weather was the problem on the way to the monthly dance - teeming rain made driving rather tricky but at least it wasn't snow! It was another night of live music, fun dances and a good turnout despite the weather. Tonight I get to stay home by the fire, my preferred place to be when the nights close in and the weather turns foul. However, if I force myself to go out I usually have a good time with all my dancing friends and am happy I made the effort.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Indoor Tennis

    Tennis at Carol's condo this morning but only three of us were present. We played Australian singles (server on one side and the other two receiving)  but at one point Carol declared that we mustn't try to win points as it was so one sided. So we just hit to each other - not so much fun but still exercise. We didn't play close to our normal 2 hours.

   The condo is right opposite a Garden Centre so I went in on the way home and picked up a dozen tulip bulbs which were 50% off. Their Christmas displays were gorgeous and I was sorely tempted but they were also expensive. I will pick up something Christmassy later next month at the local shop.

   Planted the bulbs this afternoon. I put them down pretty deep to try to foil the squirrels. We'll see what comes up next Spring!

Some photos from our day trip to Epidaurus:

The Lion's Gate - this is where, supposedly, Clytemnestra greeted (and later murdered) Agamemnon, her husband, after he returned from rescuing Helen from Troy. She was later murdered by her son.

This is purported to be the mask of Agamemnon but there are doubts as to its authenticity.

Some ancient artifacts in the Museum at the site.