Friday 31 August 2018

Orr Lake

   Watching tennis from Flushing Meadow - not looking good for Shapo, he's down a break in the fifth set, hope he can hang on.

   I had a wonderful day at Orr Lake with the family yesterday, but it may be the last as the campground has been sold and will be redeveloped into cottage sights. They either have to find another location or sell the trailer - quite an agonizing decision for them. However, it was a lovely day of hiking, canoeing and visiting the farmer's market. And eating al fresco on the deck.

Time for a nap on the hammock.

Paddling back to the dock.

James tries his hand at steering the canoe.

James docking the paddleboard. He managed to stay dry!

So peaceful!

Judy and Elliot chewing the fat.

The trailer with the canoe and dinghy rack on the right.

Eating area on the deck.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

A New Fence

   My leaning, rickety fence is finally being replaced. It was arranged for last month but finally the fence guys (D.I.G. Corp.) arrived yesterday, took down the old fence and got the new fence posts installed. That part of the yard is now a big mess, trampled plants, rocks and debris everywhere, but once they are done I will redesign the rockery and borders. They should finish it tomorrow, then it will be time to "pay the Piper"!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Another Scorcher!

   I spent the afternoon lying on the couch watching the U.S. Open - boy, did the players look hot! Several had to retire before the end of their matches. I had the AC running so I was quite comfortable. But, once the sun went down I gardened for a while, worked up a sweat and had a refreshing plunge in the pool. Now I will go and barbecue dinner - too hot to turn on the stove!

Hot here too! 35C, 96F this afternoon.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Time Running Out

   As expected, the pool had cooled off overnight (a chilly 72F this morning) and, although running the heater until nearly noon, it was declared too cold for swimming. Natalie did get immersed but only stayed in for 5 minutes. I had a dip later after working on the garden and found it quite refreshing (the sun had warmed it up a bit more by then) but didn't hang around too long in my wet swimsuit as the breeze was cool.

   Probus Club this morning but I didn't stay for the speaker again as I had promised to pick up the grandkids while Judy sorted out her classroom. They stayed for lunch but were gone by 1:00 p.m. for dentist visits. That may be their last visit of the summer as there is only one more week until school starts.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

A Change in the Seasons

    After the storm yesterday it has really cooled off - it's only 21C at 7:00 p.m. and probably going to drop further, the coolest evening since early in June. The grandkids are coming for a swim tomorrow and I will definitely need to turn on the pool heater! If it's sunny they will still want to swim.

   My usual day at the Senior's Centre except that this week they have been offering a lunch time barbecue. On Monday when I went there for Bridge I had a hamburger and today I had hot dogs - both at very reasonable prices. The coffee bar was quite busy although I didn't sell many pies, but more people had coffee to go with their BBQ lunches. I walked both there and back so my foot is finally on the mend - and I did a 40 minute cardio workout before lunch. I picked another bucket of weeds when I got home and spread some grass seed on bare spots in the lawn. That's it for today.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

A Stormy Day

  Torrential rain all morning and now the back garden is awash. Luckily I cut the grass yesterday and did some other tidying bits. I have bins full of weeds already but things are looking tidier.

   The rain stopped just after noon and there was time to clean the pool. It's only the second cleaning of this year and I probably won't do it again. Only another month until it is closed for winter. We had more heavy rain and thunder thios afternoon but it seems to have finally stopped. 

   This afternoon I baked a batch of sugar cookies and, unless the grandkids wolf them all down, there should be enough to take to the tennis social on Friday. Also made soup while it was raining and will cook a chicken breast to have with a quinoa salad for dinner. So, despite staying at home all day, the day has gone in quite quickly and it is evening already!

After the storm, a couple of soggy visitors in my yard - raccoons!

Saturday 18 August 2018

Eating Out

     After tennis on Thursday with the two Cathies (we had to play Australian singles which is quite exhausting) I was persuaded to join them for brunch at "Rosemary and Thyme" our local diner. I had eaten breakfast, although only a banana, yogurt, toast and coffee, so decided I could eat again!

   They went straight there but I sneaked home, jumped in the pool to cool off and got on some fresh clothes. The diner has an all day breakfast so I ordered a western sandwich which is basically an omelette between two slices of toast. I should have left off the top slice but ate everything! Kathie had the full breakfast and Cathy had a fried egg sandwich. All had lots of coffee and no need for lunch when we got home. This could become a regular occurrence as it was fun to prolong the morning's activities with lots of chats and gossip.

   After we parted ways I dropped in to Value Village (charity store) in the same plaza and found an almost new pair of moccasins and a jigsaw puzzle. Time and money well spent!

Friday 17 August 2018

The Season for Fresh Fruit

     We have had a huge amount of rain today - my pool is filled up almost to the top of the skimmer - but we did have a dry period this morning, long enough to dry the tennis courts and play a couple of sets. The sun broke through for a while and it became very humid but since then dark clouds, thunder, and heavy rain.

  I spent the afternoon reading, feeling very lazy, but I had a book that needed to be finished today as it was due back at the library - made it!

   Judy brought me the most delicious and juicy peaches this week so I am off to have one. I don't even bother to peel them, just take huge bites and let the juice run down my chin! I should really eat them in the bath tub.

Wednesday 15 August 2018

A Hot One!

     Hiding out in the (air conditioned) house again today as it got up to 33C this afternoon. I did make it to my exercise class at the (also air conditioned) Senior's Centre this morning and stayed to work in the coffee bar, but almost died driving home after, the car was so hot having sat in the sun all day. Straight in the pool for a nice cool swim, although it is getting pretty warm too, then indoors ever since.

   Huge glut of tomatoes - bruschetta with parmesan on my home baked baguette is my favourite tomato treat but I will have to cook some up tonight as they are getting over ripe. Judy took a couple home with her yesterday but there are more waiting to be picked. Ironically (or maybe inevitably) the very time I have so many on the vines is when they are cheapest in the stores! Mine taste much better though.

Gone down a degree - 32C at 7:00 p.m.

The grandkids in the pool yesterday - it wasn't quite as hot so Judy and I just sat in the shade.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Weather Problems

   Watching tennis and catching up on the blogs I follow. It's been a busy few days and still more to come. Unfortunately, the tennis here has been somewhat spoiled by frequent rain storms. Today, for instance, while I was working at the main gate at the tennis centre, it absolutely poured for at least an hour and there's not much shelter. We are in a covered area but the water was coursing down the street, so wet feet again! There's been massive flooding downtown and in the suburbs people have got water in their basements. Mine is still dry, fortunately.

    I have been limping about for the last few days -something amiss in my ankle. It's quite puffy tonight so I am resting it as much as possible. Luckily we are sitting through most of the shift at the tennis centre. Praying for dry weather for the rest of the week.

Monday 6 August 2018

A Summer Storm

   Very wild weather this afternoon. High winds, driving rain, thunder and lightning, and rivers of water where they are not supposed to be! It lasted for a couple of hours but now the skies have cleared and the sun is up there somewhere, raising the humidity again.

   Unfortunately I (along with about a thousand other people) was at the tennis centre when this occurred and my shoes are absolutely ruined wading through the deluge to get to the car to come home. Obviously, the rest of the day's matches have been cancelled but the night matches might be able to proceed. It is still quite hot and sticky but we have been promised some fresher air tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Saturday 4 August 2018

The Heat Returns

   Up in the 30's again so I stayed inside most of the day, watching tennis on TV. It was the semi-finals from Washington. On Monday the Toronto tournament starts and I will be there most days as a volunteer. So, probably no posts until later in the week, if at all. It will be pretty uncomfortable there if the heat continues. I will pray for cooler air but no rain!

   I did go for a swim at one point today (just too hot even with the AC) and picked a bucket of weeds in a shady spot while I was cool from my swim. But, other than that, a thoroughly lazy day!

Friday 3 August 2018

A Major Booboo

   Very embarrassed! I forgot to show up at Anne's for lunch this afternoon. I was an hour late and had already eaten some lunch but I managed to nibble a few sandwiches, a cup of tea, and a slice of lemon cheesecake (which was delicious). 

   Anne had invited four other friends which made it doubly embarrassing as they all got there on time. However, we chatted for the next couple of hours so I didn't miss out on too much of the gossip. This is an annual event and she had arranged it some time ago (that's my excuse for forgetting), and it's tricky to find a day and time that suits everyone. Maybe I won't be invited next year!