Tuesday 29 June 2021

Getting On With Business

   Very hot on the tennis courts this morning but we played for an hour and a half.  A very welcome thunder storm and rain this afternoon but, although it cooled off for a while, it is still up in the high 20's.   

   Car acting wonky yesterday so booked it in at the dealership. Sod's Law, everything was working fine today! So, after checking it for an hour they sent me home - no charge, thankfully.

   Made a pizza from scratch for dinner today (dough in the bread machine). Can't wait to try it. It looks juicy and delicious!

That's today's batch of jam at the back of the stove - strawberry rhubarb.

Monday 28 June 2021

Strawberry Fields Forever

    Our local strawberry picking farm had a drop in time for Seniors this morning so I was on the road just before 7:00 a.m. There was a surprising number of people there ahead of me but I got a good row and was finished picking by 8:00. It's about half an hour out in the country.

   Home for breakfast and a relaxing swim then got stuck into jam making. I got one load done but decided to call it a day as I had a spill and the stove is a right mess! I have never had the jam overflow before but I managed to get most of it in jars. I will do another batch tomorrow.

   I had a surprise visitor while swimming this morning. There was a splash behind me as I was climbing out of the pool and there was a tiny red squirrel swimming like mad toward me. I gave him a helping hand to get out and he scurried away under the bushes. I don't know which of us was more surprised - I've no idea how he fell in.

Sunday 27 June 2021


    A heat wave has engulfed our part of the country although I hear it is worse out west. Today it is still 30C at 6:30 in the evening. The AC has clicked on for just the second time this summer - I keep it set at 25C - as I manage the heat in the house by closing windows and drapes first thing in the morning then opening everything up at night. Tonight I may not do that if it remains hot.

   We had an early (8:00 a.m.) game of tennis this morning but I only lasted until shortly after 9:00 as it was very humid. The others kept playing for another few minutes by which time they were pretty well done too. Home and straight into the pool! It's amazing how even a quick dip brings down your body temperature.

   I attempted a bit of gardening when it became overcast later in the afternoon and followed that up with another dip, but mainly I spent the afternoon reading in the shade. We could really do with a shower or two although that will probably just add to the humidity. It will probably continue this way for the rest of the week.

Friday 25 June 2021

Things Beginning to Open UP

    Got in most of my morning activities but it has been raining pretty steadily since then so no gardening. Luckily I have lots to read and I cheered myself up by baking a super gooey caramel and chocolate bar! 

   I went to my "other" tennis club this morning, not to play but to help run a social. Well, I did get on the court for a short while as we had a couple of "no shows". With COVID restrictions still in place we can't just drop in, we have to reserve a spot. It was wonderful to see all my old friends but we still miss being able to hang around to chat after playing. Later in the summer things may be back to more like normal.

   Some pretty things growing in my garden.

This is my first attempt at a pumpkin patch. I have two plants and this one has already produced a couple of flowers. It remains to be seen if they develop into pumpkins.

Saturday 19 June 2021

Summer Sets In

 It has been quite pleasantly cool for the last few days, which I have enjoyed as I had some gardening chores (cutting back bushes) to take care of. Finished just in time as tomorrow is set to be hot again. Luckily we had arranged to meet at the tennis courts early so I should be back home before it gets too hot.

   My computer is acting up so I will sign off now while I still can!

Sunday 13 June 2021

A Quick Update

    I was on the computer bright and early last Monday to move up my second shot - only by two weeks but better than before. I now get it on July 2nd. then just a two week wait for it to take effect. Can't wait!

    The family came over yesterday for a swim and I inadvertently heated the pool to 82F. They had a ball! It is still nice and warm today and I must say I really enjoyed my swim this afternoon after gardening.

James waiting for Natalie to move so he can practice a dive.

A "treading water" contest, great exercise. Natalie won!

Sunday 6 June 2021

The Heat Continues

    Another scorcher today (over 30C) and two dips in the pool, the first after two very hot hours on the tennis courts. We started at 8:00 and almost made it until 10:00 but I was really dragging by the end. It's amazing how a quick dip in the pool brings your body temperature down.

   Another dip this afternoon after some pruning and trimming of bushes. Everything is becoming very overgrown. My other Wigelia is now blooming but the peonies have not produced any flowers at all. I think they will have to be replaced next year.

Saturday 5 June 2021

Three "Firsts"

    The first "First" was picking some rhubarb from my one big plant which I did a couple of days ago. There was enough for a rhubarb crumble which I had over three days. It was very good!

    The second "First" was my first dip in the pool. It has been extremely hot for the past few days and the water temperature is now up to 70F. Very refreshing although I didn't stay in over long!

   The third "First" has still to be attempted - my first effort at making fish tacos. I eat fish quite frequently but have gotten rather bored with the few ways I prepare it. So, tonight is Fish Tacos night. I will load it up with veggies and make a Tartar sauce. Wish me luck!

Wednesday 2 June 2021

A Beautiful Plant

    Just dropping in to show my latest dazzler in the garden. The Clematis was a new purchase last year and has survived the winter and established itself well. I am thrilled with the three blossoms and there are more to come!