Thursday 22 February 2024

It Was Inevitable

    We finally got a significant amount of snow - didn`t seem likely that we could go the whole winter without it. But the temperatures have remained higher than normal so most of it is now gone. That doesn`t mean we are done with it for this year. It`s not uncommon to get a big dump in March!


    Today was the RODEO lunch as we continue Eating Around the World. Nothing on my plate started with the letter `D` but next month for È` we are going to an Irish (or Eire) pub so that should be fun.

That`s my meal in the front right corner, chicken fingers with plum sauce and salad. It was a rather large plate of food but I did manage to finish it! Just soup and a sandwich (actually only a half sandwich) for dinner tonight.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Shrove Tuesday

     Another nice treat from the Executive at the Seniors' Centre today. A complete breakfast of pancakes, sausages, bacon, orange juice and coffee for just $5!

    It was a busy morning for me as it started with Chair Yoga, then a quick trip home (I live fairly close to the Centre) to change, then back for the tasty breakfast with lots of the other seniors. By the time eating and socializing was over, it was time for me to head to Bridge club. I didn't have a very good afternoon, cards-wise, but there was more coffee and cookies on tap so no complaints from me!

   I needed a nap by the time I finally got home and a light dinner of avocado salad and broiled shrimp. So tasty!

Friday 9 February 2024


    With the tennis courts locked until Spring, I have found a new activity to take the place of my thrice weekly tennis game. Last year I signed up for a ten-week Yoga class and this year I have added Chair Yoga to my weekly fitness schedule. 

   I find the regular (mat) yoga quite challenging, especially the balance moves, although I do feel quite a benefit from challenging myself to at least attempt most of the moves. I even managed a shoulder stand this year!

    Chair Yoga isn't only a sedentary class although we do start sitting. After upper body work we move to behind our chair to work on the lower body. The chair provides support if needed and everyone works at their own level. The benefit I get from the exercises are feeling every part of my body stretched and toned and my inner calmness. It's an opportunity to rid myself of worries and stress.

    Both classes are held at the Seniors centre and after today's class we were treated to an early St. Valentines treat - a surprise cake and coffee courtesy of the Executive. Much appreciated by all in attendance!