Sunday 30 May 2021

Things are Looking Up

    Couldn't complain about today's weather. We had a later than usual start to tennis but it never got uncomfortably hot. Home by 11:00 a.m., did a bit of gardening and thoroughly enjoyed the sunny skies and pleasant temperature. A lazy afternoon reading in the shade and am just about to barbecue some turkey sausages for dinner. Life's all good at the moment!

Friday 28 May 2021

Depressing Weather

     It only got up to 5C today and we had snow flakes falling all morning. 'Nuff said!

Thursday 27 May 2021

Pool Up and Running

     The pool has survived another winter, albeit a relatively mild one, but the cover has taken a beating. I think it will last another year, fingers crossed.

   As of today it is ready for swimming but still very cold, barely above 60F so it will be some time until I can get in. However, it is looking nice, just waiting for some summery weather. Tonight it is going down to 7C, not even very Spring-like!

    Tennis this morning and a much more pleasant experience as it was sunny but with a nice cool breeze. We managed two sets and played from 9:00 a.m. until nearly 11:00 (with breaks in between). We are back to our original routine of booking a court on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and so far have been successful. It is looking like being a good summer of socializing on the courts.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

One Step Closer to Summer

    During the long winter months I have managed to keep my weight under control by daily walks and thrice weekly workouts. However, once the tennis courts opened in April I let the food restrictions - no carbs except bread -  slide somewhat (indulging myself as a reward for making it through the winter months).

   Then came the third lockdown - a month of stay-at-home orders - and my weight has crept up again! Today was our first day out of lockdown and a return to the tennis courts. Let's hope it results in a more orderly resumption of good eating habits and weight loss. We're only talking 5 or so pounds but it is amazing how much better I feel about myself without that extra weight!

    It was very hot on the tennis courts this morning but we managed almost 2 hours. I was gasping by the time we stopped and have basically spent the rest of the day recovering. I had to tidy up the back yard (trimming grass and borders and cutting back bushes) as the pool guys are coming tomorrow to take the cover off the pool. One last job is to hose off the cover but I was hoping we would have some rain to do the job for me. No luck so far.


Saturday 22 May 2021

My Flowering Garden

    Cooler today and overcast, just 25C. Yesterday hit 30C and was humid into the bargain. I had a bad night, tossing and turning until the wee sma' hours. A nap required this afternoon.

   I have two Wigelia bushes, one of which has been taken over by the Euonymous by the back fence. However, the other is just coming into bloom and is looking healthy (I lost a third last year as they are all "of a certain age"). Lily of the Valley is just coming into bloom this week too. I love its scent in the house!

Wednesday 19 May 2021

A Wasted Morning

 Out early this morning, right after my workout, to water the vegetable garden. I had an appointment for my air conditioner service so had to stay by the phone. Here it's most annoying, they phone to say they are on their way, but if you don't answer they don't come! I have had that happen a couple of times so am super careful to be on hand.

    The guy was due between 10:a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Of course, he came at 1:30 so I had to twiddle my thumbs for over 3 hours. Never mind, it's done now and just in time as the weather is heating up - high 20's this week.

   I cut the back grass this afternoon (once released from my self imposed incarceration) and was hot and sweaty after, wishing the pool was open. I would definitely have gone in for a cooling dip regardless of the temperature. I have been watching the lilac bush and today it is just right for a photo. It seems there is something new in the garden every day at the moment!

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Two Successes

   Finished today`s crossword in the Toronto Star - my first time ever completing it! This is a new (to me during lockdown) activity as I always thought I wasn`t smart enough to try it. However, it is a good way to put in an hour or two on the long mornings. I do the Sudoku and Jumble as well.

    More gardening today. I found two more tomato plants at the grocery store today, one a grape variety. I would still like to get a cherry tomato but am running out of space. Transplanted two pumpkin plants that I grew from seed just to see what they will do. Stay tuned!

Monday 17 May 2021

Bleeding Hearts

    Sore back and hip today from preparing the vegetable garden yesterday. But that's mostly done so I had time to examine what else was going on in my garden.

   This is one of five Bleeding Heart plants spread around the front and back borders, all from one original plant. It tends to self propogate (shoots spring up close to the mother plant) and only requires  a transplant of the new growth which seems to establish itself quite easily.

    We are set to have a beautiful week of sunny skies and high temperatures. The nights are still cool but no hint of frost!   

Friday 14 May 2021

Some Chats and a Good Book

    Window cleaner here today - my faithful Ahmet of the roof repair - I only have him come twice a year as the air here is relatively pollution free and the windows stay pretty clean. He made quick work of my windows and was quite happy to stay for a short chat as I was his last job of the day. Earlier I hit the garden centre on the lookout for tomato plants but came away almost empty-handed - just one tomato, some kale seedlings and three begonias for a hanging basket. Lined up to get in and again to pay but, all in all, it didn't take too long. Last stop of the day was to make a delivery to a friend so another chance to while away some time chatting.

   I have just finished an excellent book, one of those that you never want to end, very satisfying. It's "A Town Called Solace" by Mary Lawson and I have immediately requested two others by her from the library. A couple of reviews sum up its appeal.

     "Poised, elegant prose, paired with quiet drama that will break your heart."

    "Lawson is tender with her characters.... She has a unique talent for making them so vibrant and compelling that readers will feel they have made new friends."

Wednesday 12 May 2021

First Asparagus of the Season

    Asparagus has been in the stores for a couple of weeks but the spikes were rather spindly. Today's were much more appetizing so I bought a bunch. This will do me several meals in prepared in different ways. Today it was steamed for 5 minutes and then finished cooking in butter. A generous squeeze of lemon completed it.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Mother's Day

    I got another lovely Mother's Day treat today, this time from daughter - afternoon tea in a box. The same as last year but we were able to enjoy it indoors this time. Last year it had to be on the front porch and it was a bit chilly!

     There were sandwiches, a small quiche, a scone with creme fraiche and jam, and various sweet treats. Also a special tea blend which we both enjoyed. But the best part was having her company for a couple of hours! Then she went home to have a special treat from her own family. Quite a delightful day!

Friday 7 May 2021

A New Experience

    I had an interesting experience today - I was the "Mystery Reader" to my daughter's kindergarten class. This was all done online so I had the opportunity to see how all that works. I was very impressed at how hard she has to work to engage the children.

   After I read the book (Fancy Nancy - I kept calling her Francie) the children got to ask questions and I showed them a photo of Judy when she was just a bit older than them. They were fascinated but Judy was quite mortified. Luckily she laughed it off. I would definitely like to do that again. Hope I am invited back!

  It is Mother's Day here on Sunday and son (in Victoria B.C.) sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers since he can't be here in person. Also some delicious chocolates. We are both chocaholics so he knows what I like!

Tuesday 4 May 2021

First World Problems

    I didn't bother with a walk today as it has been on and off rain almost all day and I had a good long one yesterday. Zoomed with my Bridge friends this afternoon then went on a fruitless trip to bring another friend some yarn for her knitting project - went to the wrong building - but I'll try again tomorrow.

   My handyman, God bless him, came yesterday in the rain and patched the place on my roof that lost its shingles to the wind last week. He used the shingles that landed in the yard but will come back to do a more permanent repair later. At least my attic will stay dry until then which is a big relief! I can't believe all the house problems I have had in the past year, just hope that is the end of them. My savings account has taken a beating! I guess I should be happy I had some money put by for emergencies - it wasn't earning much interest anyway! 

This was the only tulip from my header photo that survived the rampage of the squirrels!

My neighbour's magnolia tree- it is further along now so I will try for another photo.