Thursday, 27 May 2021

Pool Up and Running

     The pool has survived another winter, albeit a relatively mild one, but the cover has taken a beating. I think it will last another year, fingers crossed.

   As of today it is ready for swimming but still very cold, barely above 60F so it will be some time until I can get in. However, it is looking nice, just waiting for some summery weather. Tonight it is going down to 7C, not even very Spring-like!

    Tennis this morning and a much more pleasant experience as it was sunny but with a nice cool breeze. We managed two sets and played from 9:00 a.m. until nearly 11:00 (with breaks in between). We are back to our original routine of booking a court on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and so far have been successful. It is looking like being a good summer of socializing on the courts.


  1. Yeah for a return to the courts. Glad the pool is ready for you, although as you say too chilly for outdoor swimming (IMO). We had frost warnings for last night & again on the weekend :(

    Happy weekend.

    1. Yes, snow falling for most of the morning so it will be a while!