Sunday 27 March 2022

Peeking Through the Snow

 Yes, we had snow (not much) today so March is going out like a lion. Bad news for the first daffodil shoots daring to poke their heads out.

    I'm sure they will survive with just a bit of frosted tips. There are also some tulips showing up. A while yet until we have some blooms, though.

Thursday 24 March 2022

A Double Hit

   This was Wednesday. My neighbour "helped me out" by spreading some of the pile over the grass. At least I presume that's what happened.

     We had quite a lot of rain since then and today has been milder so the pile has shrunk considerably.

    It won't be long now until it is finally all gone!

    Probus meeting this morning and there were 57 people in attendance. Usually we have over 100 so some are obviously still reluctant to get out in public yet. We are all Seniors so that is understandable. One friend who is over 90 was there. She said she was just desperate for some human contact. The speaker was excellent - his subject was Aretha Franklin and he shared photos and archival footage of some of her early performances. What a "Natural Woman"! Do you remember that song? Also R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Monday 21 March 2022

Starting to Get Out More

   It has been a long, long wait  but finally things are beginning to open up here. Masks are no longer mandatory (except for a few exceptions) but many people are planning to keep them on for a few more weeks. I can't wait to resume most of the activities I used to do pre-Covid!  

   Last week I added two Scottish Country dancing classes to my weekly schedule as they finally started back so that is Mon., Tues. and Fri. evenings busy. Tomorrow I will be going back to the Bridge group (will need some refreshers as I have only played online since March 2020 but that will get my brain working) - can't believe that will be two activities on the same day.

   On Thursday the monthly Probus meetings will start up and if that's not enough excitement, I got a call to come in to the Senior's Centre to serve in the kitchen. My shift will be Wednesday afternoon again this year, that starts on April 6th. Also that week the Fitness classes resume and I have signed up for Yoga as well. 

    On top of all that, the tennis clubs are opening in April so I must send in my membership fee so I can get out there when the weather is nice. Hard to believe how everything is coming back to life. Be still my beating heart!

Sunday 20 March 2022

This and That

   It was a pretty miserable day yesterday with rain on and off all day. So I had the chance to finish this new (to me) puzzle which has kept me entertained for the last week or so. It is quite a whopper but not particularly difficult.


 Yesterday's rain got rid of almost all the remaining snow piles but my snow bank is hanging on although remarkably diminished. Won't be long now until it is gone.

Saturday 19 March 2022

A New Author

     I have just started this book by Katrine Engberg, a Danish author I recently discovered. She writes crime novels with the same two detectives solving the cases. The first was "The Tenant" which I enjoyed and there is a third one, "The Harbor" which I have reserved from the library. So that should keep me busy for a few weeks.

    Another treat is in store for me although it won't be for a while. There is a new Donna Leon book coming soon to the library but there are already 220 people ahead of me in the line. I hope the library has ordered plenty of copies! This one also features Commisario Brunetti and all the other endearing characters which make her detective stories so comfortable to read. It's like listening to old friends. Can't wait!

Friday 18 March 2022

Shrinking Slightjy

   Despite two sunny days with the temperatures in the low 'teens, the snow bank has only shrunk a little. Rain is forecast for tomorrow so that might speed things up a bit. However, I am now able to get out of the driveway without having to drive over an icy mound, so things are looking up!

More grass showing today.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Second Installment

    Here`s the snow bank today. I didn`t take a photo yesterday as it snowed big fat flakes all day and I added to the pile when clearing the driveway.. At least the pile is white again!

Doesn`t look much different from Monday but at least there`s a bit of grass showing around the edges.

Monday 14 March 2022

New To Me

    Very excited - I picked up my new car today! It`s a 2018 Prius Prime - a hybrid with a plug in battery so should save me on gas. I had my last car (also a Prius) for 15 years so it had served me well. This one will probably be the last car I buy so I wanted it to be environmentally friendly. It runs on gas and electricity - a rather complicated system but I`m sure I will figure it out.

Not my favourite colour but when you are buying used, you have to take what`s available.

    The Spring melt should start later this week (I know I have said this before but this time I am sure it is about to happen!) I am going to document the melting snow banks each day to see how fast (or slowly) they go. Here`s today`s shot.

No grass to be seen yet. Stay tuned for the next installment!

Thursday 10 March 2022

Sign Me Up For Some Warm Weather

    Snow is forecast for tonight (pray God it's the last time!) and there are still snow banks lurking about. Everywhere the snow has melted is a muddy mess. I had a wander around the garden to see what was coming up and to inspect the pool cover which has a huge rip in it. Once all the snow has melted on top of it I will tape it up with duct tape - the universal repair kit! I think the cover will last until it is time to remove it in May but there will have to be a new one for next winter.

   In the garden, however, there are signs of life.

There are quite a few clumps of these spiky shoots, probably daffodils.

But nothing much happening here and won`t be for some time! It`s my rhubarb patch and it`s in a shady spot.

   What we desperately need is sunshine, warmth and a ton of rain to clean things up. Can`t wait!

Saturday 5 March 2022

A Couple of Signs of Spring

    Seems ages since I last posted but here I am, still around!

    We had a Zoom meeting on Thursday (how people love to talk, it went on and on) but the only part I was involved in was whether to start up our activities again. Seemingly head office ( RTO - retired teachers) thinks we need to be getting out there with activities for our members. So after the meeting I looked into getting the Knitters and Crafters started. About 10 people are eager to meet but unfortunately the community centre where we used to meet is booked at our time. I will go down on Monday and try to arrange something with them.

   Weather is still very iffy and although we have had some nice sunny days, it's still pretty chilly. We have been going through a cycle of freezing and thawing but tomorrow is supposed to get up to 15C with rain. Maybe this is the start of the snow disappearing! I saw a few green shoots in a sheltered spot this morning.

   I was up at the crack of dawn today (for me that was 6:45) to sign up for some fitness classes at the senior's centre. The website opened at 7:00 and I got on pretty quickly and enrolled in three classes - Gentle Fit, Stretch and Strength and Yoga. That will get me out of the house before 9:00 a.m. three mornings at least. I have become very lazy recently with no reason to be anywhere. After my early rise I won't be staying up late tonight.