Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Quiet Weekend

   Not much happening this weekend. Laundry and grocery shopping on Saturday - I stopped at the corn stand on the way home, his cobs are so sweet and tender!

    Out early to the tennis courts this morning. I joined a threesome with Chan and a young couple. We just hit for an hour as Chan complained that playing a game or set was too much for him. I find just hitting much more tiring - hence my early departure. It was not at all busy but the courts were filled by the time I left.

    Cleaned the pool this afternoon and then had a nice, refreshing swim. The water was 74F and that's without the heater - not too shabby this late in the summer.

    I have been eating chicken and sweet potato casserole for the last three days, but it is finally gone so tonight I will have a nice piece  of salmon with quinoa and green beans.  I am very excited that the first episode of the "Outlander" series is on tonight at 10:00p.m. - hope I manage to stay awake until then.

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