Friday, 23 April 2021

New Purchases

    I had to drop off some paperwork at a friend's house this morning and, since I was near the Garden Centre, I decided to pick up some supplies. I managed to get the last rhubarb plant - last year I missed out and they were all gone by the time I went looking. I also bought some pansies for a display at the front door. They should be OK if we have a slight frost. Otherwise I will bring them inside overnight. I still need to get some manure for the vegetable plot and fertilizer for the lawn but the garden centre is not the cheapest place for that, so it will have to happen on another day!


  1. Pretty pansies and rhubarb is a most useful fruit (although it is officially classed as a vegetable, isn't it? to have around. Once it gets going, it's very productive.

    1. I guess it will be a couple of seasons until I can pick it.

  2. Nice haul from the garden centre. Pansies have such cheerful little faces. That reminds me to go check on my Rhubarb plant!

  3. My other rhubarb plants aren't nearly as far on as this one! I won't put it in the ground for a few weeks yet, getting it acclimatized at the moment.

  4. Rhubarb, lovely stuff for which Yorkshire is famed. On the farm where I was born we had a huge rhubarb patch and ate it all summer. Both my brother and I took roots for our own gardens when we left home. We made many more attempts over the years but never established our own supplies. Good luck with yours.

  5. I already have two plants that have moved with me from several houses but I could certainly use more....rhubarb crumble, strawberry and rhubarb pies and jam.

  6. Rhubarb holds the promise of deliciousness to come. And isn't it nice to have flowers at the front door. Hubby got ours out early (and had to bring them in), and he commented that the plants at the nursery are so much nicer if you get there earlier rather than later. Usually we ended up getting there right before Mother's Day and choosing among the picked off leftovers.

  7. I am determined to get there earlier this year, too. I picked up soil and manure at the supermarket today. They also run out quickly!