Tuesday 13 October 2020

Too Hot!

    It started off cool and sunny but we were soon peeling off layers on the tennis courts. The courts were wet to begin with (overnight rain) so we had to be careful for the first half hour. We played until after 11:00 a.m. I was the big loser today but it was wonderful to be out in the fresh air and sunshine!

   I did a bit of gardening this afternoon (mulching and removing some annuals) then sat in the sun for half an hour. I was definitely over dressed as it felt as hot as an early summer day. The temperature was to go to 18C but I'm sure it was more than that!

   Last of the turkey leftovers tonight. I am making a frittata with the last slice of turkey breast and bacon, cheese and grated potato. This will be served with a salad and leftover stuffing (if anyone can face it another day). 


  1. Cool here in Saskatchewan with snow in the forecast.

    We put our garden to sleep today, raked leaves, packed up the deck furniture, outside lights, and the cushions.

    Just a few things left to do.

    Enjoy your lovely weather.

    God bless.

  2. Most of the trees still have their leaves here, so no raking yet.

  3. The frittata sounds absolutely delicious and how nice to have some warmer weather. Winter will be with you soon enough, I am sure.

  4. The frittata went down well and used up a lot of leftovers into the bargain. Not wanting to think of winter just yet!