Sunday, 15 April 2018

Braving the Elements

   Everything still on hold due to the weather. Roads tricky so my demo group practice was cancelled. We needed one more rehearsal before Gala Day next Saturday but it was not to be.

   Marie phoned this morning to cancel tomorrow's Bridge game. I was very disappointed but didn't argue as she is the only one who has to walk to the Senior's Centre and I could see her point. We agreed to play on Thursday instead.

   I did go out this afternoon to pick up some topsoil which was on special at the garden centre. It tends to go very quickly and I really need it to build up the borders by my new raised front path. I bought 10 bags but will probably need more - I'll see how it goes.

   Coming home the driving was less than perfect  (only the main roads plowed)but I made it back successfully until I reached my driveway. The car only made it half way up before the wheels started spinning! At least it is off the road and it will just have to stay there until the temperature rises and the snow/ice melts!

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