Friday, 27 April 2018

Too Busy!

   Sunny but still cool today. The tennis club opener is tomorrow and we have been working hell-for-leather to get the clubhouse and grounds spruced up. The clubhouse is now officially cleaner than my house!

   The big job for me this year has been interviewing and hiring the supervisors. They are mostly high school or college students as they only get minimum wage ($14/hr.) and they are notoriously fickle. One has already quite as he has found a better job, and another didn't even get back to me after the initial interview. Very frustrating.

   My bank balance is at an all-time low as I have just paid my last (huge) credit card bill and what I owed in income tax. Too bad they both came due at the same time. I will now have to try to build up funds before it is time to pay for my next trip, due in July. The trip isn't until October.

   Quite exhausted with all the cleaning so will have an early night tonight.


  1. Busy times. You are not the only one who has found that young workers are not the most reliable. That being said, I'm sure there are good ones out there, but it's the ones who don't show up that make the impression. -Jenn

  2. Ah I could go on for hours about the student interviews I have conducted over the last 2 years, but in the end I did end up with two very good, reliable & capable young ladies, gems really. Ah yes tax day is upon us on Monday, thankfully we are both getting a little back this year. Oh a trip to look forward to with a summer of wonderful tennis in between - lucky you :) ... Mary-Lou =^..^=