Friday, 4 May 2018

Strange Weather

   We have had some glorious weather this week (up in the 20's) but today started off cool and rainy. It was very foggy until almost noon when things started brightening up. I had been down to the tennis courts but the courts never did get dry enough to play.

   Since then it has been rainy, windy and I even heard some thunder. I cut the front grass (first cut of the year) just before all this wild weather happened. Then two torrential rain showers, the gutters were overflowing. Right now it is back to sunny but it is blowing a gale. I had to bring in the rod that operates my canopy as it kept hitting the window. Hope it stays dry as I am off to the theatre this evening to see "The Perfect Wedding" at Markham Little Theatre for free as I am an usher.

   Everything is starting to grow in the garden and the trees have buds just about ready to burst forth. Things will be green very soon!

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