Sunday, 6 May 2018


   Some severe damage from the Friday storm but I was largely spared - no trees down and only one section of my fence came loose. Walking around the neighbourhood I saw several whole fences down and lots of roof shingles lying around. Some areas of the city were without power for some time as fallen tree branches brought down power lines.

    It has been mixed weather since then but I did get some tennis this morning - singles with Susan but it was quite tiring as it was still windy. Not all the wind screens are up.

   After I got home I made some soup for lunch, put a loaf on in the bread machine and had a nap. The bread was a bit on the heavy side - it was a Rapid Bake. But it will be nice with the stew I made yesterday - lots of vegetables and I just had to open a bottle of Merlot to deglaze the pan. So that will be my drink of choice tonight!

My fence propped up temporarily. I am hoping my neighbour will fix it!

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