Friday, 25 May 2018

Time for the Pool

   Waiting for it to cool down so I can tidy up the back yard (cut grass, trim borders etc.) The pool guys are coming tomorrow to take the cover off my pool and start up the circulation system. Always a tense moment while we wait to see if everything survived the winter!

   I have sweated buckets today as it is 29C and very humid - I could really have done with a swim!

This is the "Before" picture. Check tomorrow for the "After".
Believe it or not, none of these houses looming over my backyard were there when I bought, 20 years ago!


  1. That's fantastic that you have someone hired to open up your pool. With being basically surrounded by fields, we get a lot of debris and dirt blown into our pool, even with the winter cover on. It had to be drained completely and scrubbed out (again), but hopefully water will be filling it by the end of this weekend. -Jenn

  2. They also come in to do a weekly chemical check as I am hopeless at keeping everything balanced!