Wednesday 23 May 2018

Theatre Trip

   Getting lots of gardening done as the weather has been beautiful, but it is set to go up to 30C by the weekend. So Spring, such as it was, is over.

   Last Wednesday we were out of town for a theatre trip to see "West Side Story". It was an excellent production with vibrant music and dance and a group of very talented performers.

   Before the show we stopped at a Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge. The colour and size of some of the butterflies was amazing. Imagine getting to hold a 10cm. long stick insect!

That's not my hand but one of our group was brave enough to handle the insect.

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  1. We went to the butterfly conservatory many years ago when our kids were small. It was wonderful! I admire and respect insects, but I'm not sure I would wish to hold that stick bug! That's a pretty hefty one! -Jenn