Thursday 24 May 2018


  In the winter we have the wind chill factor but now we have the humidex. This is how hot it actually feels when the humidity is high. For example, today's  temperature of 29C actually feels like 32C. I can attest to that as I drove home this afternoon with the car windows open! The house interior is still a comfortable 21C so I won't need the air conditioning tonight.

   The RTO AGM went off without a hitch (although I left someone off the list of committee chairs - I had to apologize but she wasn't too upset). We had a delicious salmon lunch and a special cake as it is the 50th Anniversary of RTO. We had to change the location of our next meeting as it falls on Provincial Election Day (June 7) and the facility we normally use is to be a polling station. 

Lilac perfuming the back yard.

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