Wednesday 30 May 2018

A Sad Affair

   One more pool entry and then I will cease and desist form mentioning how fortunate I am to be able to cool off in it!
   After yesterday's brief dip I had a longer swim today as the temperature of the water is almost 70F. However, first thing this morning I had a nasty shock as there was a dead animal floating in it when I got up! I have had the odd mouse, bird or squirrel meet its maker in the pristine waters but this one was big!

   It turned out to be a raccoon and, being a bit squeamish, I decided to elicit help in removing it. I called 311 (the City help line) but they said animal services would not come on to my property to remove it. Then I called a Wildlife service I have used in the past (squirrels and raccoons in the attic ) but they wanted $300 to come and remove it. So back to City Services and they agreed to pick it up if it was on my boulevard, which is actually city property. 

   So I gritted my teeth, took a shovel and a pail and managed to remove it myself. It was a gruesome affair and I actually felt some pity for the poor animal. Soon it will be picked up and out of my mind and responsibility. I hope that's the last one I have to deal with!


  1. We've had frogs, which we can sometimes rescue if they just quit diving so deeply, but our biggest surprise in our pool was a possum!! That was a surprise, similar in size, I would guess, to your raccoon. -Jenn

    1. I presume it was dead also. My dead animal is still sitting at the curb in a very (by now) stinky plastic bag with a myriad of flies buzzing around. They have promised to come for it tonight.

  2. Oh Chris that would have been such a shock to find & not pleasant to have to deal with. In our previous ponds/water features we have found mice & chipmunks. Always sad to deal with. I hope that they have picked up the bag for now.

  3. Yes, the animal is gone and, I think after reading Jenn's comment, it was a possum. Although the same size as a raccoon, it had a long hairless tail. Today a very tiny mouse was perched on the top step of the ladder but it was easy to rescue.