Thursday 7 December 2023

'Tis the Season..... for over-eating!

    A couple of busy days this week. On Tuesday the ladies who lunch (AKA RODEO - Retired Old Dames Eating Out ) had their pre-Christmas outing to Gerhard's Cafe for afternoon tea. Except for having to wait until 2:00 p.m. (I skipped lunch) which is seemingly the appropriate time for afternoon tea, it was a lovely treat, served in a very decadent fashion with all the trimmings. Some of the group even went home with additional purchases of Christmas stollen and gingerbread cookies. The cafe is truly a haven of delicious treats!

Christmas crackers and paper hats as we are into December.

I chose Earl Grey tea and drank a gallon of it as the pot was frequently replenished.

We each got a mammoth slice of this chocolate cake which was truly decadent!

   I managed to refrain from buying anything else but was truly tempted. However, I have all my Christmas baking in the freezer to nibble on for the rest of the month.

    Today was Book Club and Clara and I were presenting the book and supplying the refreshments. We did go a bit overboard on the food but, what the hey! It's almost Christmas. The book, "The Hidden Child" by Louise Fein, was well received and proved very popular - lots of meaningful discussion. Tomorrow brings another special event but more on that later. I will need the weekend to recover from all the excessive eating!


  1. At least your climate lends itself to over-indulgence. It is hard to partake when it is 30C and humid - but we still do!

  2. I love cafes like that and the whole experience looks absolutely amazing.
    WIshing you well in your recovery. :-) xx

  3. All the goodies look so delicious it's hard not to resist the temptation. Oh my, that is one big pot of tea. Looks as if you had a great time.

  4. It is definitely the time of over eating.... I am still baking and making candy.

    God bless.

  5. That chocolate cake looks so good!

  6. Omgosh what cakes and puds, too tempting to resist!