Thursday 13 April 2023

The Heatwave Continues

    Yesterday set a record with the high temperature and today is likely to do the same. If Friday's projected temperature of 29C is achieved, it will break a record set in 1938! 

   I had an unexpected phone call this morning inviting me to a Bridge game in the afternoon. I usually only play Bridge on Tuesdays but this was a pleasant change with a couple of people I don't often meet. It also helped to improve my mood as I had an appointment with a cardiologist earlier who prescribed two new medications for Atrial Fibrillation which I didn't know I had! Fortunately, I can continue with all my usual activities as long as I don't overdo things. Seemingly AF is a danger sign for a stroke which I would rather not experience.

   I managed to capture some Spring flowers and I noticed the Forsythia is about to bloom. However, I'm not about to put away my winter clothes just yet.


  1. I know very little about AF other than it has been on the news a lot recently and you can now get a handy software program for your phone to measure heart activity. Hope it doesn't get in the way of what you want to do too much. The weather now seems intent on breaking all records - some of them we could do without though as we swing from drought to floods it seems like a rerun of the old testament.

  2. Lovely header on your blog, my daffs are all out in their glory, hope the cold weather predicted does not harm them in any way.
    I have a heart that sometimes has a beat out of sync, Has not stopped me from doing lots of things that maybe I should not have done. Still here, so not too worried.
    Enjoy the bridge game and the sun.

  3. AF is something you want to avoid. Your weather seems like ours. One extreme to another.

  4. You could send some of the heat you are getting back west please. Cold, raining and at times snowing here in Saskatchewan.

    God bless.

  5. Those warm days were a treat - It was so nice to go out without coat, boats, hats, mittens, scarves ... very sorry to hear about your AF, thankfully caught & treatable before a problem for you. I like the colour of your daffodils.