Thursday, 3 December 2020

Trying to Keep Busy

 Thought I'd better put something down so you know I'm still alive.

   Today was Senior's discount day at the drug store so I walked there this morning. Didn't save much as several things had been cleaned out by the early bird seniors! But I did get a couple of bargains. One thing I noticed - if an item is on sale you don't get a further discount

   This afternoon I walked up to my local mall for the things I didn't get in the morning. It took me 45 minutes all round so, with my one hour workout this morning, I have done well with exercise today. I should sleep well tonight!

   Butter chicken for dinner tonight, one of Steve's favourites so there probably won't be much leftovers. I am going to make an apple crumble too, to use up some over ripe apples. I will be popular this evening!


  1. My husband has decided that Butter chicken is a wonderful meal. It will be put into the rotation along with any other new and exciting recipes I find to try that work out.

    God bless.

  2. Butter chicken followed by apple crumble - how utterly delicious!

  3. Those delicious meals will certainly ensure you have company over the holidays - he won't want to leave (lol). Nothing like walking & fresh air to help with sleep. Happy weekend.

  4. I haven't tried butter chicken before. I must give it a go!