Wednesday, 9 December 2020

A Productive Day

     Another major snowfall overnight and into the morning. Once it stopped we were out shoveling (Steve worked hard, me not so much). The snow had turned to rain so the stuff on the ground quickly got wet and heavy, not fun to shovel. At least it wasn't cold.

   I got going on the Christmas mincemeat tarts this afternoon but had a terrible time with the pastry! It wouldn't come together despite following the directions carefully. Any advice would be gladly received. They are edible but not my best effort, unfortunately. I may try another batch later on. One of the cats almost got into them, knocked the tin to the floor before I got it in the freezer. We can't leave anything out on the counter as he is curious about anything that smells interesting.

   Finished my overseas Christmas cards this afternoon, too, and will get them in the mail tomorrow. One less job to do.


  1. My pastry is never that good either but maybe you needed a bit more liquid, just a drop. I make mine in a machine now and it seems to work OK.

  2. Maybe a little more liquid like Joy suggested, once you pull it all together leave it in the fridge for an hour or so before rolling out and cutting. Hope that helps.