Thursday 25 April 2019

Getting things done

  I'm having a stuffed red pepper for dinner tonight - some leftover chicken, a cremini mushroom and some chopped tomatoes. The red pepper was a little past its most firm but still edible, so baking it seemed like a good idea.

   Worked my little butt off at the tennis club today but now the clubhouse (my responsibility) is spic and span and ready for opening day. I have yet to play outdoors this year but today would have been a perfect start if I hadn't been so busy. I did have some help and we were done by noon so not too stressful.


  1. I haven't played tennis for years - I found my wrists were a little weak when I did but then my old fashioned racket was extremely heavy! The red pepper looks really nice.

  2. It was very tasty. I only meant to eat half but it was so good I finished the whole thing!