Friday, 19 April 2019

A Food Experiment

   I was out again for lunch yesterday after our Probus club meeting. Marilyn, Donna, June and I went to Remizzio's, one of our favourite spots, and I had minestrone soup and crab cakes. Very filling but I was hungry again by dinner time and had the rest of the previous day's fish stew with broccoli. 

   Today, being Good Friday, was a home day for me as all my usual Friday activities were cancelled. I got a start on sprucing up the house for guests (just family) for Easter lunch on Sunday. It wasn't really a spring cleaning but I did get rid of a few cobwebs and gave the carpets a thorough vacuuming. More of the same tomorrow as well as shopping for the meal. I have saved up some PC points so it won't be too much of a drain on my budget.

   I tried out a new recipe today - it was for vegan brownies, no eggs or dairy, and it turned out well. The base of the recipe was a pureed sweet potato which I needed to use up, and peanut butter, I just had to buy chocolate chips which I got yesterday. Nice and easy and good for healthy snacks.

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