Sunday 14 April 2019

Busy in the Kitchen

   It has been miserable and cold all day - what we called a "dreich" day in Scotland. So, except for a quick run up to the grocery store, I stayed in my toasty warm kitchen!

   First a loaf in the bread machine, it turned out well and I will slice it for the freezer, then a batch of sausage rolls, also for the freezer. They are destined for the Probus club lunch next month and I have promised to make 9 dozen - six more to go! I made a batch yesterday too. Lastly, I have a tasty chicken casserole in the oven for dinner tonight - it will do me several days.

   The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the Masters Golf Tournament from Augusta, Georgia. Although they had some rain, it was lovely to see the green vegetation there. Tiger Woods won in an exciting finish and a well deserved comeback from all his health and other troubles. He looked so relieved to win.


  1. It must have been quite a triumph for Tiger Woods and just shows that with hard work and determination anyone can turn their life around again. That is a lot of sausage rolls!

  2. Your baking looks tasty - those at the Probus club will certainly enjoy! I'm not a player or watcher of golf, but in any sport, fans like a comeback story.