Tuesday 9 April 2019

So Lazy!

    I haven't posted in almost a week, mainly because nothing of import has happened. Having said that, yesterday my partner at Bridge got a small slam although we didn't come out on top due to mostly terrible cards.

   The nets are up at the outdoor tennis courts but we are still playing indoors this week - it's just too chilly! Today got up to 10C (indoors 16C) but it was very windy and I have felt cold all day. I still need a blanket over my knees when I am sitting watching TV in the evenings. Right now I am sitting right by the fire and finally feeling a bit warmer. 

   Over the weekend I got some more cleanup done in the garden and today I bought Nasturtium seeds to start indoors. I also wanted some pansies to add a splash of colour by the front door but it is still too early to find them in the garden centre. I will try again next week.


  1. It was a chilly damp day yesterday & the type that gets into the bones & hard to warm up. I always enjoy a pot of pansies at this time of year, their little faces are SO cheerful through the dull months of March & April. Cheers to better cards at the next game.

  2. I got better cards today so your positive vibes were helpful. Nicer today but still on the chilly side.

  3. I have just bought some Nasturtium seeds to plant this year - they add so much colour for such a long time. Very sunny here today but still a nip in the air - it can only improve.

    1. My nasturtiums aren't particularly colourful as my garden is shady. But they do grow into spectacular mounds of greenery.