Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A New Treat

   Still eating leftovers but decided I needed something fresh today so started with a salad. Truth to tell it was also a leftover but at least it was fresh and uncooked.

   I brought this olive oil home from Spain this Fall and hadn`t yet tried it but just sprinkled the baby spinach with it and some balsamic vinegar. What a treat!

The last of the wine from Christmas dinner complemented it nicely!

    I was out early this morning to play tennis - we had three great sets and I`m happy to say I was on the winning side on all three. I seemed to hit my stride during the second set - maybe I need to play more!

   I had decided to see a movie this afternoon forgetting that everyone and his brother was on holiday this week. The parking lot was packed, there was a long lineup at the ticket office and the movie I wanted to see, `La La Land` was sold out! So I came home. I`ll try again next week.

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