Friday, 23 December 2016

An Early Start

   Everything went, more or less, according to plan this morning. I was up, fed,  showered and out by 8:10. The weather was cooperating with near zero temperature, and the traffic was reasonably light. I think quite a few people took the day of work. Arrived at the mall in 15 minutes.

   I was up and down the aisles at Loblaws, found everything I wanted and was through the checkout by 9:00 so decided I had time for a coffee and treat (chestnut and praline latte and a double chocolate brownie from Starbucks). Next stop was Pusateri's for the bird but when they brought it out I decided it was too small since we have three extra for the meal. So they went hunting in the back room for a bigger bird and I left the shop with a 9lb. capon. That should feed us all!

    The extra wait for the bigger bird put me a little behind schedule and I really had to boot it up to tennis - just made it! The first set was a corker - I was playing with Tracey and we went down 2-4 right away. But we fought our way back and took the set 7-5. The second set I played with Virginia and Tracey teamed up with Carol. We started out strongly, at one point we led 5-2 but, just as in the first set Tracey dug deep and finally took the set. She is by far the best of our group and plays almost every day.

   Fish and peas for dinner with the rest of the morning's brownie. It was very rich so I only ate half. Since it was mild today I clipped some evergreens and decorated the mantel in the family room. That's about it for this season!

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