Monday, 19 December 2016

My Festive Cake

   The Battle of the Cakes is on! First the Weaver posted hers. Then Susan Here There and Everywhere came up with her version. So I am compelled to publish mine. It`s not as festive looking as the others but, for a first attempt, I am of the opinion that it measures up pretty well.

As you can see, no longer a perfect circle - I was forced to try a slice, just to make sure it was edible, you understand!

   We are not big cake eaters (especially fruit cakes) but I am toying with the idea of sending my Christmas Day guests home with a big chunk. Unfortunately, they will have to be advised not to feed it to the kids as it has been thoroughly doused in spirits! I started off with Marsala wine but have since added sherry (last week`s dousing) and today the final soaking is brandy.

    Sunny but cold (-7C) again today. No wind so really quite pleasant as long as you were well wrapped up or didn`t stay out too long. We had our last Bridge game of the year and brought food for when we took a break - sausage rolls (me), veggies and dip (Diane`s healthy contribution), delicious almond tarts (Marie) and clementines and chocolate cookies from Pinkie.  It will just be leftover chicken and broccoli tonight as I am still somewhat stuffed. Everything in moderation had better be my New Year`s resolution!


  1. Very pretty fruitcake. I am not a fan of fruitcake, but they always look so lovely. I didn't even know that you soak them in alcohol! -Jenn

  2. Some recipes call for boiling the fruit first. I guess you would add the alcohol at this stage or right after so it is absorbed into every little raisin and currant!